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Hong Kong line for iPhone 4S numbers in the thousands

We mentioned in passing that the iPhone 4S had sold out in ten minutes at the Hong Kong Apple Store, but given these pictures that have been posted online since, a statement like that doesn't really do the launch justice. That place looks like a madhouse -- thousands of people lined up to buy A...

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iPhone 4S demand persists, stores drain stock daily

The iPhone 4S is flying off the shelves in the US and abroad. An inventory check of 30 Apple retail stores by Deutsche Bank analyst Chris Whitmore suggests stores are selling their entire stock of handsets as soon as they hit the loading dock. Between 85 of stores surveyed run out of inventory ...

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Hong Kong Apple Store express counter in additional stores

Apple recently opened an Apple Store in Hong Kong to huge crowds and much enthusiasm. The flagship store boasts 15,000 sq ft of space and an impressive and typically Apple glass staircase. It's also got an Express Purchase Counter, a unique feature that may appear in other retail locations soon, a...

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Apple unwraps flagship Hong Kong Apple Store

Apple has taken the wraps off its flagship Hong Kong store, 9to5Mac reveals, and underneath is a gorgeous store at the International Finance Center, with a (now familiar) glass staircase running through the center. The store was confirmed on Sept. 5 after pictures were uploaded to Facebook....

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Apple Store heading for Hong Kong

Hong Kong's first official Apple Store has been confirmed (Google translation here). Engadget Chinese reports that a Hong Kong mall has uploaded pictures to its Facebook page, including some lettering on a banner advertising a forthcoming Apple Store. The Engadget team traveled to the mall and ...

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Apple planning a big party to open 100th overseas store in Hong Kong

When Apple opens the new Hong Kong Apple Store in late September or early October, it will be cause for a huge celebration. The store will be the 100th overseas store for the highly profitable chain, and apparently Apple is planning to pull out all the stops for a flashy opening. M.I.C. Gadge...

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Apple surpasses Lenovo in China sales

Not only are Mac sales going gangbusters in Asia, but the units moving over there have kicked Apple up a notch: The company has overtaken Lenovo for sales in the region. In terms of revenue, PC maker Lenovo (which has been growing rapidly in China and the surrounding region), pulls in about $2....

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Crossbows and ziplines used to smuggle iPads into Hong Kong

Some Asian smugglers tried a creative new method to get iPads and iPhones from mainland China into neighboring Hong Kong. Rather than hire housewives to do their dirty work, this group used a crossbow to shoot a zipline from a Shenzhen skyscraper across the Sha Tau Kok river to a small house in...

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Florida Apple Store expands, Hong Kong construction begins, Ala Moana coming soon

When you're one of the top retailers in the world, you need to stay on top of your game. There's news of Apple Store expansion, new construction, and renovation coming from all around the world. First, ifoAppleStore is reporting that the Mall at Millenia Apple Store in Orlando, Florida is goi...

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White iPhone reportedly sells out in China

Apple kicked off sales of the white iPhone 4 yesterday and the launch in China was marked by long lines and steady sales. According to interviews from those in line, many Asian consumers passed on the black version of the handset and waited for the white variant to make its debut. Sales were so s...

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Hong Kong Apple Store locations revealed

ifoAppleStore has discovered the locations of Apple's first and second Hong Kong stores. The first location is in the International Finance Centre on Hong Kong Island. The IFC comprises two towers that include office buildings, a mall and a cinema. The Apple Store will be located in Tower 2 and sp...

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iPhone 4 supply stabilizes in Hong Kong, China greenlights iPad 2

Supplies of the iPhone 4 in Hong Kong have nearly caught up with demand, according to a report from MacNN. The popular handset is now regularly available on the Apple online store in Hong Kong, with wait times of 5–7 business days. Previously, Apple intermittently suspended sales of the iP...

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Hon Hai to expand retail chain, open 500 Apple licensed stores in Asia

A report out of Digitimes suggests that Cybermart, a retail arm of Hon Hai which also owns Foxconn, has recently received approval as an Apple-licensed retailer in the Asia-pacific region. The retailer intends to sell Apple products in up to 500 new stores planned for China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Cy...

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iPhone demand in China still exceeds supply

We've heard some crazy stories out of China about the call for Apple products there, both that Apple is trying to increase supply as quickly as possible, and that they're still not living up to the demand. And here's more news that Apple is racing, and probably failing, to keep up with all of the d...

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Report: Apple canceling iPhone 4 orders in Hong Kong

According to M.I.C Gadget, Apple is canceling online iPhone 4 orders in Hong Kong in an attempt to thwart would-be resellers. Recently, customers have either had their existing orders canceled or been prevented from placing new orders. Many shoppers received this email from Apple: "Dear Apple ...

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