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HTC can't use Google patents to challenge Apple

Last year, HTC obtained eight patents from Google and used them in its legal fight with Apple. Now, an ITC judge has thrown out five of the patents saying that "HTC failed to acquire all substantial rights in the relevant patents," says a report by FOSS Patents. Administrative Law Judge Thoma...

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Apple files third complaint against HTC

Apple filed a third complaint against HTC with the International Trade Commission, according to a report by Florian Mueller of FOSS Patents. The latest complaint is based on a December 2011 ruling that says HTC infringed on two Apple patents. These "data tapping" patents let users tap on a numb...

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HTC handsets delayed at US customs due to ITC injunction over Apple patent

HTC confirmed to The Verge that its One X phone for AT&T and EVO 4G LTE handset for Sprint are being held at the border by customs officials. The shipments are being delayed while the government agency reviews the packages in accordance with an ITC ruling that banned the import of HTC's And...

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Apple vs. Motorola, HTC cases consolidated

According to Florian Mueller of FOSS Patents, Apple is now battling one less lawsuit in the Southern District of Florida. Apple was fighting two separate lawsuits in the courts, one filed by Motorola Mobility and another by HTC. Judge Robert Scola decided to merge the two lawsuits because "the ...

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HTC blames iPhone 4S for recent profit drop

HTC is still stinging from a less than impressive quarterly earnings that's partially the result of a successful iPhone 4S campaign by Apple, according to an AP report. The Taiwanese handset manufacturer saw a 70 percent drop in profit and a 35 percent decrease in revenue year over year. Though...

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HTC says its touchscreens don't violate Apple patents in UK court

Apple and HTC are exchanging blows in a London court case over claims the Taiwanese manufacturer infringes on four Apple patents, says a Bloomberg report. These patents cover various multi-touch gestures, photo zooming and scrolling, slide-to-unlock and the use of a multilingual alphabet when s...

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Apple seeks to broaden HTC import ban

While Apple won a partial victory in December in its patent battles with rival smartphone maker HTC, the scope of the ruling was both fairly tame and narrow enough for HTC to develop a workaround a mere two days after the ruling. According to FOSS Patents, Apple filed an appeal against the Internat...

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Apple wins partial victory in HTC suit

The International Trade Commission has finally made a ruling in the Apple vs. HTC case, and Apple has won ... mostly. The commission ruled that HTC did actually violate one part of an Apple patent in making its Android phones, and that those phones would not be allowed for sale in the US. But...

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ITC delays ruling in Apple suit against HTC until Dec. 19

The International Trade Commission has delayed its ruling on the pending patent case between HTC and Apple, according to HTC itself. This is the second delay on the ruling, originally set for December 6 and then moved back to this week, which is now set for release on December 19. Apple of cour...

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ITC rules Apple didn't violate S3 Graphics' patents

According to the FOSS Patents Blog, earlier today the US International Trade Commission entirely dismissed the first S3 Graphics complaint against Apple. Interestingly, the official notice (PDF link) has no explanation why the Administrative Law Judge was overruled. There is still one pending com...

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Steve Jobs vowed to "destroy Android" according to biography

Steve Jobs doesn't like Android and considers the mobile OS to be Apple's main competitor. It was apparent in the Q4 2010 earnings conference call when he discussed the mobile operating system and berated competitor's adoption of the 7-inch tablet. And this same hostility is very apparent in his ...

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LVL Patent Group sues Apple and others over cell phone technology patents

Apple is the target of yet another patent lawsuit, this time filed by a company named LVL Patent Group, who claims that Apple and other cellphone companies are violating up to four generic patents they have the rights to. The patents revolve around transferring data and using various devices fo...

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Apple's patent win over HTC will be reviewed by U.S. Trade Agency

According to a report from Bloomberg, the ITC will re-examine an earlier decision that HTC infringed on two Apple patents. The six member commission has the power to either overturn or confirm the original decision. If it's upheld, this could lead to a ban on the sales of HTC's Android devices ...

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Daily Update for Sept. 8, 2011

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes, which is perfect for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inli...

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HTC sues Apple -- with Google's patents

Bloomberg reports that HTC has filed new infringement claims against Apple. Oh well, another day, another patent lawsuit, right? Except this one has a big twist: HTC is suing Apple with Google's patents. "The nine patents originated with Palm Inc., Motorola Inc. and Openwave Systems Inc., with G...

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