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TeleNav announces free HTML5-based GPS nav service

TeleNav is a large provider of GPS navigation applications for smartphones and in-car infotainment systems. Whether it's the AT&T Navigator app or Ford vehicles, TeleNav is behind the scenes. Today the company announced the upcoming availability of an HTML5-based navigation service that works...

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Facebook iPad app has been 'feature complete' for months

TechCrunch has a long piece on the ongoing saga of the missing-in-action Facebook app for the iPad. Developer Jeff Verkoeyen, who worked on the app, says Facebook's iPad app has been feature complete since May, but the company keeps pushing back the release. According to Verkoeyen, "The experie...

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Amazon releases Kindle cloud reader web app, sidesteps App Store rules

Amazon has launched a new cloud-based version of its Kindle book reading application. The new Kindle Cloud reader is accessible to the iPad with iOS 4, Google Chrome and Safari on the Mac/PC. The new web-based app circumvents Apple's policy change that prevents publishers from linking to their ...

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HTML5 game running on Apple TV

The Apple TV 2 could become a new platform for playing HTML5-based games and applications. A hacker installed the Couch Surfer browser on a jailbroken Apple TV and used it to play an HTML5 version of BlackJack. The game is rudimentary, but it's a sign that the Apple TV is capable of more than j...

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Video App Demo: GENWI

We've covered GENWI before, but to recap: GENWI is a cloud-based (read: Web) app creation and management system for businesses. While there are numerous platforms and 3rd party services which will "wrap up" your content into a native app, GENWI does all of this on the web, and it's a pretty com...

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Twitter rolling out HTML5 version for iPads

Apple fans who want to use Twitter know that they have their choice of tools. There are not only dozens of Twitter clients available on the various App Stores, but Twitter also has its own web version and apps for Mac, iPhone and iPad. Now the company is rolling out a new mobile HTML5-based web...

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Adobe introduces Edge, the HTML 5 tool with an eye towards open improvements

Adobe's new HTML 5 authoring tool, Edge, is now available for download. Edge aims to be a "web motion and interaction design tool that allows web designers to bring animation, similar to that created in Flash Professional, to websites using standards likes HTML, JavaScript and CSS." While we ...

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Create content-centric iPhone & iPad apps on the fly with GENWI

The site has rebranded itself today as GENWI (the name of the parent company) and expanded to offer iPad app creation in addition to iPhone and Android apps. With a straightforward CMS engine, the service lets you create either mobile HTML5 web apps or true native apps around your con...

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W3C goes after Apple on HTML5 patenting

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has put out a call for prior art request in hopes of invalidating patents Apple has applied for over the HTML5 standard. At issue are two patents Apple holds which describes how mobile apps can request sensitive material, according to ComputerWorld. The W3C's...

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Screenshots of Facebook's Project Spartan on iPhone

Project Spartan, an HTML5-based version of Facebook, continues to move forward, according to a leak from TechCrunch. Screenshots of the web app and some inside information from the developers working on the project reveal a content-rich platform for mobile devices. The new UI modifies the cu...

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Google helps developers deliver Flash content to HTML5 with Swiffy

With minimal fanfare, Google has released Swiffy. It lets developers convert Flash SWF files to HTML5 so they are usable on Mobile Safari and other platforms that do not support Flash. For Adobe, the company that created Flash and aimed to have it to be the major animation and video standard on...

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Is Facebook's Project Spartan going after Apple's app lock?

Facebook was apparently spurned by Apple in favor of Twitter for close integration in iOS 5, but the social networking giant is now moving ahead with plans to bypass the App Store with an upcoming HTML5 web app aimed at Mobile Safari -- Project Spartan. This not-so-secret project has been mak...

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Will iOS 5's Safari deliver better support for web editors?

One of the long-standing frustrations for anyone who's tried to edit blog posts or web documents using Mobile Safari is the absence of support for the HTML5 contentEditable attribute. The attribute, which began as an Internet Explorer 5.5 feature and later found its way into most modern browsers,...

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Financial Times launches HTML5 web app

The Financial Times is turning towards HTML5 for its upcoming application (technically, a web app), in contrast to its older native iOS app. FT was not happy with the new subscription model offered by Apple, and was working with Apple to keep the revenue and demographic information from its 590...

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Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen confirms unofficial armistice with Jobs, Apple

Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen told Walt Mossberg during an interview that the dispute between Adobe and Apple over Flash is a thing of the past. Adobe and Steve Jobs went head to head last year when the Apple CEO publicly criticized the multimedia company and banned apps that were created using thir...

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