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Hulu Plus app tweaked oh-so-slightly to comply with Apple rules

Hulu made a subtle change to its iPad app this weekend, cutting off that bottom line you can see in the screenshot above. Yes, per Apple's rules on charging for in-app subscriptions, Hulu can't actually link to its own site to promote its own subscription service for video streaming of TV episo...

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i.TV extends to the iPad, adds Hulu integration

The free i.TV app for iPhone has been providing program guide and show information for TV addicts since October of 2008, and it's been improving steadily since then. With version 3, now available on the App Store, the app has gone universal and provides a full-screen iPad experience for browsin...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Is Flash video working on iPad yet?

Dear Aunt TUAW, I keep hearing about applications like Skyfire working on the iPad so we can watch Flash video. But when I hop over to Hulu, it says I have to join Hulu Plus to view videos. Why does Hulu act like this? What am I doing wrong? Love, Your nephew Chris W....

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Orb TV streams video from your Mac to your TV

I've been playing around with the US$99 Orb TV for a few weeks now, and I have to say I'm quite impressed with it. For those of you not familiar with it, Orb TV is a media streamer that connects to your TV and lets you play any video from your computer to your television. It's shaped like a hockey...

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Apple takes 4 percent of US digital video market, Netflix reigns

The NPD Group crowned Netflix the heavyweight champion of digital, video-on-demand services in a statement released earlier today. Between January 2011 and February 2011, Netflix accounted for 61 percent of all movies downloaded or streamed over the internet or offered on-demand through a cable...

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Pioneer releases 3D Blu-ray players controlled by iOS app

Pioneer has shipped out some brand new 3D Blu-ray players just in time to catch the tail-end of the holiday season (maybe they're hoping people making returns after Christmas will pick these up instead of whatever else they got). The players are actually pretty awesome, if indeed a Blu-ray player i...

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TV on your iPad: A roundup of useful apps

The iTunes Store is a great place to find episodes of TV shows that you might have missed, or even catch up on past seasons, but it's only one of several options available. Netflix offers a free iPad app to watch movies and TV shows for those who have signed up for their $8/month streaming service (...

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Hulu Plus launches at $7.99, refunds early adopters

After much waiting and speculation, Hulu Plus was released for the iPad and iPhone on a preview basis in June. Today, Hulu has opened the service up to everyone and dropped the monthly fee to US$7.99 from $9.99. Additionally, those who have been paying $9.99 will see a rebate on their next bill. ...

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PlayOn TV for iPhone finally approved

Now that the proverbial floodgates have opened at the App Store, we're starting to see some apps showing up that were previously denied entry. Internet TV provider PlayOn was one of those companies that had tried to get their iPhone app approved months ago, but was told by Apple that their service n...

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News Corp reportedly holding back iTunes rentals

With all of the speculation flying around about tomorrow, a few people are poopooing any idea that Apple will mention the iTV at all. The invitation doesn't say anything about it being "show time." Images like the guitar are usually reserved for iLife and the iPod, and it's unlikely that Apple will ...

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Hands on with Hulu Plus

Maybe I'm missing the point of Hulu Plus, but for ten bucks a month why is Hulu still showing me advertisements? I get that this new for-pay streaming video service offers full seasons (and past seasons) of current TV shows that would otherwise be limited to a handful of the most recent episode...

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PlayOn's Web app brings Hulu to Mobile Safari

The good news is that PlayOn's Web app allows you to access popular Flash-based sites like Hulu and Netflix on your iPhone and (soon) your iPad. However, the bad news is that there are a whole lot of hoops to jump through before you can get there. You've got to sign up with PlayOn (a subscription s...

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Monsoon Multimedia debuts Sling, ROKU competitor with some compelling features

Today Monsoon Multimedia is announcing the Vulkano, a universal video platform that integrates DVR, Web video, streaming and time shifting of media from the home to a portable device, including the iPhone, iPad, and Macs or PCs. It also supports streaming to Android, Blackberry, Symbian and WM6 phon...

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Hulu Plus announced for iPhone and iPad

Hulu has finally announced their long-rumored subscription service, and it's a doozy. It's called Hulu Plus. For US$9.99 per month, you'll get you ad-supported access to the full current seasons of most shows and full back seasons of select shows. Plus, brand new Hulu Plus apps for the iPhone and...

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26% of Web video is ready for the iPad

Here's an interesting stat -- 26% of the video on the Web is iPad-ready, according to Mefeedia, a firm that supposedly monitors online video around the Internet. You may think that's low (that means 74% of the web can't be seen on the iPad), but that number actually represents a good amount of grow...

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