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Tag: iControlPad

iControlPad 2 reaches Kickstarter goal, shipping later this year

I'll be honest: I thought that US$150,000 as a Kickstarter goal for the iControlPad 2 wireless controller was too high, but it turns out I was completely wrong. Not only was the project funded, but backers have pledged $190k and still counting with a few more hours to go. The impressive respo...

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iControlPad, the physical controller for your iPhone, finally available for order

At long last, the iControlPad for iPhone is finally available for order, and it's shipping next week! We've had our eye on this thing since May of 2008, when an early prototype looked much different than the final product. The iControlPad is a slide-on gaming attachment that clamps into place ...

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iControlPad using unlicensed dock connection, forced to go Bluetooth

The folks at iControlPad can't seem to catch a break -- the design for the plug-in iPhone controller was finally finished, but the creators are now backing off of that design. Specifically, they're worried about Apple's lawsuit against Sanho, in which the battery manufacturer was sued for creating ...

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iControlPad going into production (again), 3000 units in first run

After a few fits and false starts, the image above shows the iControlPad in what's purported to be its final production form, according to inventor Craig Rothwell's Twitter account. Pricing hasn't been announced yet, and sales are supposed to start sometime in September, but Rothwell says the unit ...

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Apple thinking about game controller, headset

We've mentioned the idea of an external game controller on the iPhone (and now, the iPad) before, but this is the first we've heard of Apple working on one themselves. Apparently a new patent would cover applying buttons, joysticks, or direction pads to an external controller, something that would ...

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Video: Working iControlPad adds buttons to the iPod touch

It's pretty wild to have seen the iControlPad go from idea to concept to production, and here's the final step straight from Engadget: video of the device working just as planned. ZodTTD is playing quake4iphone on it, and while the naysayers will probably still have some nays to say, I'm convinced....

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iControlPad goes into production

I'm not so convinced any more that the iPhone really needs buttons or a d-pad (Rolando makes do with just touchscreen controls, and even a game like Tatomic uses "buttons" well on the touchscreen), but especially for retro gaming, they'll really help. So it's probably good news that the iControlPad...

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Control pads for gaming on the iPhone

Ever since games first started running on the iPhone, the issue of controls has always been at hand (so to speak). While the multi-touch screen allows for some very flexible control schemes, it doesn't provide any tactile feedback, and so more delicate controls like a directional pad or buttons ar...

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iControlPad for iPhone

After the game demos shown at the iPhone SDK, event a lot of folks have been very eager to get their hands on some serious games for the iPhone. Most of the attention has been focused on the motion sensors and touchscreen, but Nintendo's consoles notwithstanding buttons are a mainstay of serious gam...

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