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WoodStand: Another DIY "iCurve" laptop elevator

Making your own laptop stand out of Legos is cool and all, but not all of us have kids of our own to steal toys from. So we turn to more accessible materials like wood. That's what Erik did. Using wood, lacquer and some copper wire, Erik created his own very elegant iCurve knockoff: The WoodStand. ...

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Flickr Find: DIY iCurve with Legos

DIYer Extensor posted pics of a self-built iCurve replacement over at flickr. Created to support his (or her, the page doesn't say) 15-inch Powerbook, the do-it-yourself-Curve is made from spare legos and a $7 Container Store wire shelf. The shelf is colorfully made, surprisingly attractive and look...

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Griffin iCurve 2 on its way?

I know the iCurve isn't exactly at the top of the rumor mongering lists, but reader GillyGill noticed that Amazon has - again - leaked details on yet another unreleased product: Griffin Technology's iCurve 2 (either someone is really screwing up over there, or Amazon has launched a new We Leak&trad...

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