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iFuntastic goes v3, adds PPC support

While iPhone hacking remains a sport for the brave, the utility infrastructure to give Grandma iPhone User the same tweaking power as the most l33t denizen of #iphone is coming along nicely, thanks. Now at version 3, iFuntastic provides a GUI for almost any iPhone modification task you might reason...

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iPhone Hacking 101: Jailbreaking

When you want to add ringtones, change wallpaper, or run third-party applications on your iPhone, you need to perform a task called "jailbreaking". What this does is to open up your iPhone's file system so it can be accessed from your computer. There are a number of tools available to jailbreak. If...

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iFuntastic 2.5 for iPhone brings full file browser, even more customizability

The iPhone Alley crew are on fire with iFuntastic, their iPhone hacking and modification tool. Just over a week ago they released v2 that brought custom ringtones and reordering apps, and now v2.5 ushers in another major milestone of iPhone hackery: a full file browser and manager. If you've been...

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iFuntastic 2 for iPhone makes custom ringtones, reordering apps a breeze

When Mat Lu first blogged iFuntastic last week, it was a fledgling app that primarily allowed you to install custom ringtones. A drawback, however, to this 1.0 version is that it broke iTunes' ability to auto-launch when you connect your phone; while you could still launch iTunes yourself (or sim...

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iFuntastic: GUI iPhone custom ringtone manager

Let me preface this by saying I haven't tested this myself and you should read the warnings before you try this. Some rather complicated instructions for installing custom ringtones on the iPhone have been floating around the net of late. Unfortunately they required some pretty involved under-the-ho...

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