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Samsung files French patent complaint against Apple

Samsung and Apple continue to fight a heated legal battle overseas. In the latest skirmish, Samsung filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple in France. The complaint claims Apple violates three UMTS patents held by the Korean company. UMTS is a 3G technology used on GSM-based cellular ...

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AT&T iPad hacker pleads guilty to stealing data

Daniel Spitler is facing up to 10 years in prison for his role in the theft of personal information from iPad 3G users on AT&T. Spitler was one of the men responsible for writing the iPad 3G Account Slurper that parsed the SIM card numbers of AT&T iPad 3G owners and used them to retriev...

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Traveling in circles: the Navigon way

Our beloved leader Victor has an entire comedy routine worked out about GPS apps. In his "Maps powered by" schtick, he jokes "I took a detour, ... and 10 years later we were married." In real life, iPhone nav apps can be just as funny as his stand-up. Take yesterday. I was driving my ...

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AT&T slashes prices of first-gen 3G iPads

Pricey iPad 2s may be showing up in online auctions, but for those of you who just want to get an iPad for web surfing or downloading apps, original iPad Wi-Fi+3G models just had their prices slashed at AT&T. Original iPad Wi-Fi+3G models sold through AT&T have now dropped to US$429 for...

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SwirlySMS brings free SMS app to iPad 3G

Released today, "SwirlySMS free for iPad 3G" offers a free SMS solution that allows you to send and receive messages from your iPad 3G. This is a jailbreak-only solution. Available from the Cydia store, the new app uses your iPad's SIM to introduce native texting without having to hack your way into...

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How To: Use iPhone 4 data plan with iPad 3G

I love my iPad 3G, almost unnecessarily so. I use it as my primary computer for a multitude of tasks. The only thing that I dislike about my iPad is that I have to pay AT&T even more money to use their data network, even though I'm already paying for it with my new iPhone 4. We have covered ...

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Apple: 3G iPads will be unlocked in Japan

Following rumors of carrier-locked iPad 3Gs, Apple has officially announced that Japanese customers will be able to use micro SIM cards from carriers outside of Japan, according to The Wall Street Journal. "Outside of Japan" is the key phrase here. While in the country, customers will receive ser...

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Nokia takes aim at iPad in latest legal skirmish with Apple

Surprising exactly nobody, Nokia put the Apple iPad in its sights in its ongoing battle against Apple for patent infringement. Nokia originally sunk its legal hooks into Apple back in October, 2009, when it sued Apple in the United States District Court in the District of Delaware for violating many...

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Orange UK announces iPad Wi-Fi + 3G data plan pricing for UK

They may have a hung parliament in the UK, but at least they know what to do about iPad data plan pricing. Fast on the heels of Apple's announcement of iPad availability in a number of international locales, we've heard from Orange UK about what they'll be charging iPad Wi-Fi + 3G owners for data...

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iPad hacksugar: iPad 3G hacked to send native SMS

Here's a cool little find for a quiet Sunday. MuscleNerd of the iPhone dev team has managed to allow his jailbroken 3G iPad to send command-line SMS text messages. This hack only works with SIM cards that have already paid for an SMS plan, in this case a T-Mobile SIM that was downsized to microSI...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Which 3G plan should I opt for?

Dear Aunt TUAW, I'm getting a new iPad 3G. I understand the bit about no contract and $15 a month for 250mb but wonder about how does 250mb relate to web usage. I have heard some say the web surfing can consume a lot of "bandwidth" but have no idea what that means relative to 250mb of data plan u...

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Want a last second 3G iPad? Try Best Buy

Are you looking to track down a last-second iPad 3G? TUAW is receiving tips from all over the country. Best Buy seems to be the place to pick up an unreserved 3G iPad, quantities permitting. TUAW reader Bill writes, "In Albuquerque, by 3pm, the line went half way around the Apple store. Meanwhile, a...

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Tidbits from today's TUAW iPad 3G liveblog

This afternoon's Cover It Live liveblog with TUAW readers provided us with some great info about the iPad Wi-Fi + 3G, which is available from Apple today! Here are some interesting notes provided by readers, our own bloggers Erica Sadun and Steve Sande, and special guests (and iPhone/iPad developers...

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Skype calls not allowed over iPad 3G connections

During our live iPad 3G first look this afternoon, TUAW readers were able to confirm that Skype calls still cannot be placed over the iPad 3G's cellular network connection. The Skype application will not connect those calls, telling users that, "You need WiFi to call over Skype." So what's the ...

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Chat live during the iPad 3G release

You waited, you waited, and you waited. And now some of you finally got your new iPad 3G. Sure, most of you had to remain patient while us Wi-Fi owners preened and showed off our new babies. And some of you are still waiting for the next ship date (the "arrives by" in May). For some of you, thoug...

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