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iOS 4 Gold Master Release Candidate almost ready for download

Finally! The iPhone OS 4.0 SDK iOS 4 SDK is almost (but not quite) ready to roll for all members of Apple's developer program, not just the paid App Store developers. However it's likely to be a week or two before everyone gets access to the GM release. Right now, it's still going to be a release ca...

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SDK devsugar: Finding beta seed differences

Just a quick heads up to developers: Are you struggling to determine what changes between one beta release and the next? There's an easy solution. Head on over to the pre-release reference library. This site lives behind the normal Apple firewall and can only be accessed by members of the paid ($99)...

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iPod touch devsugar: Fixing ineligible installs

Are you a developer trying to install 4.0 firmware on your 3rd gen iPod touch? You may run into install problems based on device eligibility. That means that Xcode or iTunes will complain that it cannot install the beta firmware onto your device and may tell you that you are attempting an ineligible...

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iPhone OS 4.0: Coming this Fall to an iPad near you

Apple's announcement of the new features and near-availability of iPhone OS 4.0 has got the entire tech-focused internet all a'twitter. Many new features were discussed but one of the more disappointing features is the delayed-arrival for iPad owners. Granted, the device was just released 5 days ...

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iPhone OS 4.0: Unified inbox, threaded messaging and more

Apple announced today that the iPhone's Mail application is going to receive several new features as part of the iPhone OS 4.0 software to be released later this year (summer for iPhone/iPod touch and fall for iPad). The first big feature is the unified inbox. Finally, it will be possible to rea...

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