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Tag: iPhone-4

Doodle Jump gets a Retina Display update

Doodle Jump has released a free update, available now, that not only brings out that underwater content that Igor Pusenjak promised us in that interview a little while back, but also updates the graphics on the app to take full advantage of the iPhone 4's Retina Display, so you can see the little d...

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iPhone sales expectations lowered due to supply shortage

We've already heard that Apple is taking a risk by being low on supplies for iPhone 4, and now at least one analyst says it's too far: Shawn Wu of Kaufman Bros. is lowering his expectations for iPhone 4 sales this year. Of course, that means he's cutting expected sales from 9 million to 7.5 million...

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WWDC 2010: Early iPhone 4 upgrades offered by AT&T

To find out when you can upgrade without a penalty you always could dial: *NEW# on your iPhone which will generate a text message telling when you can upgrade. I just did, since I bought my iPhone 3GS the day it was released last June, that and the text message that was sent to me said that I wouldn...

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iPhone 4's multiband antenna makes it a true 'world phone'

This morning, I read liveblogs about the WWDC keynote with growing irritation. I'd been hoping for a 64 GB capacity bump for iPhone 4, even though I knew in the back of my mind that engineering practicalities made it unlikely. The news that FaceTime will not only be WiFi only, but will also work onl...

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Apple announces Bumpers for iPhone 4, gets into the protection biz

During an Apple keynote, it's almost impossible to catch all of the info flooding out of Moscone. One thing we did catch, and then had to search for, was something about "Bumpers." A quick look at the pages on the Apple Web site didn't seem to show anything until I scrolled to the bottom of the ...

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WWDC 2010: More iAds details emerge

Steve Jobs said Apple created iAds to help developers make more money. The problem before iAds, to hear Apple tell the tale, had been that mobile ads on the iPhone were a bit of a kludge: different systems supported only basic interaction, they dumped you to Safari most of the time, and as each ad ...

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iOS 4 Gold Master Release Candidate almost ready for download

Finally! The iPhone OS 4.0 SDK iOS 4 SDK is almost (but not quite) ready to roll for all members of Apple's developer program, not just the paid App Store developers. However it's likely to be a week or two before everyone gets access to the GM release. Right now, it's still going to be a release ca...

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WWDC 2010: Bing coming to MobileSafari search

The rumor was partly true, Bing is indeed coming to the iOS search party; however, it will not be the default option as was speculated in January. During today's WWDC 2010 keynote address, Steve Jobs announced that Bing would be alongside Google and Yahoo as available search engine choices for Mo...

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Apple releases iPhone 4 stats page, video

Apple has updated its website with all of the iPhone 4 information you'll need, including official stats for the device, lots of information about features and hardware, and the video showing off iMovie, FaceTime, and all of the other new software announced today. Our two word review? "It's purd...

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WWDC 2010: Apple announces iMovie for iPhone 4

Today at WWDC, during the keynote address, one of the things Steve dropped upon us is the new camera in iPhone 4: Yeah, the 3G S did video, but the new camera does "full HD," at a sparkly 720p and 30fps. This means that little handheld video camera that's been on my Christmas list the last three yea...

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WWDC 2010: Apple announces iPhone 4

That case we've all seen was more or less the final product. Steve called it "the most beautiful thing we've ever created." It's got glass front and back for durability and scratch-resistance. About that band of metal that surrounds the phone's edges? It's all a part of the antenna. Pretty neat. ...

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What's in the iPhone 4.0?

Willkommen, Besucher von Möchten Sie ein Übersetzung? Hier drucken. Well, we didn't really expect this to come so soon after the iPad release, but sure enough, Apple is going to show us the iPhone 4.0 operating system this Thursday. That doesn't give us a lot of time for spe...

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