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Rumor Roundup, Episode 1: 'iPhone 5' Home button and more nonsense

Welcome to the inaugural session of TUAW's weekly Rumor Roundup. Anyone who follows Apple-related news long enough soon discovers that an entire cottage industry of "analysts" has sprung up in the company's wake. These guys come out of nowhere claiming to have inside information on what's soon com...

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iPhone nano fake available in China

Apple may never introduce an iPhone nano, but that's not keeping the knockoff manufacturers in China from creating them. The phone was discovered by a writer for Giz-China.com, who was checking out a Lenovo tablet when he spied the mini-iPhone 4 clone. While unable to get exact dimensions of the...

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No iPhone nano, says New York Times

The New York Times has cast a pall over the iPhone nano rumors by stating that Apple will not release such a device (despite the Wall Street Journal's suggestion to the contrary). Referencing "people who have been briefed on Apple's plans," the NYT states that Apple is "not currently developing" a s...

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Analyst: iPhone mini could increase Apple's market reach by 6X, revenue 2.5X

Analyst Toni Sacconaghi of Bernstein Research predicts Apple could increase its addressable handset market by 6X in unit volume and 2.5X in revenue with the launch of a smaller, less expensive iPhone model, says Forbes. These projected numbers come from his analysis of handset market share and Apple...

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Wall Street Journal backs up "iPhone nano" rumor

We may be in for quite the shakeup of the iOS world if Ethan Smith's new article in the Wall Street Journal has any weight to it. Smith makes some pretty bold claims about a new, less-expensive iPhone, which he states has an edge-to-edge screen and weighs quite a bit less than the current iPhone 4. ...

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iPhone nano rumors piling up

Rumor sites are abuzz this morning with news from the Far East noting that two Taiwanese chip manufacturers will likely receive orders for a new "iPhone nano." Taiwan's Economic Daily News ran a story suggesting that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and United Microelectronics Corporation ...

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Apple patent suggests flip iPhone

We don't want to use the term "iPhone nano" because we've heard it before, both formally and informally. Yet, it isn't unreasonable to guess that Apple will release additional iPhone models, a small one among them. According to Everything iCafe, Apple has applied for a patent which describes a hinge...

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