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Road Tested: Otterbox's serious iPhone case

I bought my 4GB iPhone way back on June 29th, 2007, release day for the US. Upon removing it from its box, all shiny and smooth, I thought, "I need a case for this thing." I'm what you call scratch-phobic. But then I saw the rigorous torture test that PCWorld subjected their unit to, and was persuad...

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DLO Jam Jacket with cord management

Here's a great idea. Digital Life Outfitters is releasing a new Jam Jacket silicone iPod case with a twist: integrated earbud and cord management. As you can see, your Apple earbuds fit into the molds and the cord wraps around the back. This way you only have to unwrap as much of the cord as you nee...

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Boomwave??? Bearaphim iPod case

A word of caution to diabetics: this iPod case is so cute and so sweet that it may just turn your stomach, let alone make you need to inject insulin. In a design that's calculated to make people utter "Awwww! Look at the cute widdle iPod case! Isn't it the cutest widdle iddy biddy nano case evah!", ...

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Lace corset iPod case

As my valet was preparing breakfast for me today in TUAW's underground HQ he turned to me and said, 'Sir, you haven't blogged about iPod cases in a good while.' I pondered this and realized, with a start, that he was right. Luckily, fate intervened when I happened upon this Nicole Miller iPod case (...

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Mophie Wraptor for 2nd gen iPod shuffle

Mophie has these cool new cases for the new iPod shuffles. The Wraptor doesn't just protect your tiny iPod with a composite Lexan shell, it provides convenient, tangle-free headphone/earbud storage as well. It does so with a precision engineered groove that goes around the entire case so you can wra...

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How to: Make a travel case for your second gen iPod shuffle

This How To might have a limited audience, since it is only relevant to people who own the following items: Apple in-ear headphones a second gen iPod shuffle The in-ear headphones come with a case that is suitable for use as an iPod shuffle case, with some alterations. Follow these instructi...

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Follow-up on the iFrogz Tadpole iPod case for kids

iFrogz finally has the Tadpole page and pics up and now that I see it it's even cooler than I'd expected! I'm impressed by the design and the intent and as an added bonus the Tadpole comes with the "Screenz" protective film for the front so the screen and clickwheel are covered as well. Screenz inc...

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Designer "Skulls" iPod holder from Muff

I don't usually post about iPod holders (unless they are DIY, interactive, or just plain silly), but the new designer series from Muff caught my eye. Muff showed up on TUAW back in October, but lacked this designer series. Despite their lack of a window or access to controls, I find them stylish and...

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Now this is an iPod case

This is the best iPod case I have ever seen, with a compartment for every iPod ever made. Wow. Check out more pictures here. This wacky case gets me to thinking, how many iPods do you own? I just have one (an iPod photo at that!).  How about you? [via Make]...

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DIY Domokun iPod Case

Finally an iPod case I can love! Some lucky guy is receiving a homemade Domokun iPod case from his girlfriend. She's posted up a how-to guide to make your own. Domokun iPods chasing kittens in green fields. I want, I want, I want. Better go read this before Boing Boing sees it and posts it....

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Case-ari offers affordable premium leather iPod cases

Way in the back of the MacWorld Expo floor I came across Case-ari, a new company that's offering a choice product at a reasonable price. Case-ari makes premium leather iPod cases for the iPod with video and iPod nano. The sheepskin leather is buttery soft and comes in luscious colors made from pure ...

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Another iPod Hoodie

About a year ago, designer C. Ronson created some iPod hoodies after seeing the iPod socks that Apple began selling, but the idea never seemed to take off. Now, a UK firm has resurrected the idea and is selling a stylish gray hoodies for your iPod and iPod mini. Now your iPod can look like Eminem wh...

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