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A walk through iTunes history

Recognize the software above? The brushed steel, the rounded buttons, the liquid digital-style display. If you said SoundJam, you're right. But if you said iTunes, you're right, too -- SoundJam is the app that Apple originally bought to turn into the multimedia/handheld software juggernaut we kn...

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Incredible: Apple responsible for 25% of US music sales

The NPD Group has released amazing numbers this week: Apple is generating one quarter of all US music sales. Equally impressive, but less surprising, is that Apple is also responsible for 69% of all online music sales. Wal-Mart is #2 for US music sales at 14% (that's a combination of both their onl...

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Rumor: iTunes 8 to include Genius recommender, grid view, new visualizer

Kevin Rose is at it again, with a brand new round of rumors about iTunes 8, supposedly premiered next week at the big Apple iPod event. Did I miss the meeting where we all declared him king of iPod rumors? King or not, he's got what he claims is inside information, including a writeup about somethin...

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Complete My Album is selling music

I was just as much a naysayer as Dave was when the service first came out (and for the record, I haven't used it all either), but apparently there are lots of people who do use Apple's "Complete My Album" service in iTunes -- the NYT says that it has become a prime selling tool, especially for bands...

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4 million iTunes songs disappear, speculations abound

Last week, Apple's iTunes Store turned 5 years old. Now the blogosphere is buzzing with the fact that Apple said they had over "10 million" songs in their library, then later changed the page to say "6 million." That's a difference of 4 million songs unaccounted for. MacNN did the math and said that...

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AppStore hints appear in Apple public protocols

Whenever new technology reportedly meets the iTunes store, it's prudent to check Apple's online storebag protocol to see what's what. Today, I downloaded the latest storeBag.xml from Apple's public iTunes server. What I found was this: There appears to be a new service, labeled "p2-panda" that offer...

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NBC exec slams iTunes revenues/business model

The ongoing NBC Universal v. iTunes slap-fight has just become well, more slap happy. As reported in Daily Variety, Jeff Zucker (the President and CEO of NBC Universal), revealed some of the details of the NBC/iTunes impasse in an interview with the New Yorker's Ken Auletta. Some of the highlights:...

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George Harrison solo works now on iTunes

The Beatles are now on iTunes-- kind of. George Harrison has become the last solo Beatle to be added to the iTMS, as iTunes now carries all of his solo work (including "Got My Mind Set on You"-- enjoy having that in your head for the rest of the day). That means that all the Beatles have now had the...

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Other companies and Apple's iTunes price war

NBC has gotten all the press in their big fight with Apple, but a few other companies are currently considering their options about what to do with iTunes pricing. News Corp is apparently ready to draw a line in the sand. Their COO Peter Chernin says "negotiations will be prickly and dicey and conte...

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Is the iTunes Music Store scratching and skipping?

Over the past couple of days, we've received reports here at the TUAW home office (located in the seaside town of Ocean City, MD; excellent taffy) of multiple download problems in purchasing music at the iTunes store. While the transaction completes as far as billing is concerned, the actual file do...

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Ringo Starr joins iTunes

You may not be able to buy the Beatles' music as a group from iTunes, but you can buy most of the member's solo stuff. Lennon, McCartney, and now Starr. That's right, Mr. Conductor's music is available on iTunes including Photograph: The Digital Greatest Hits (which is an iTunes Plus album). One mo...

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John Lennon on iTunes

Imagine all the people... downloading John Lennon's songs. It isn't hard to do-- John Lennon's music is now available on the iTunes store as of last night. Right around 3AM, reader Ricky (thanks!) saw the graphic above pop onto the store, and noticed that Working Class Hero, among other albums, ha...

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Games coming to iPhone?

In response to the rumor of videos in to the iTunes UK store, our friends at Download Squad did a little poking around and found something else that might be imminent: games for the iPhone. (Official ones, that is-- there are already quite a few for the iPhone) Inside the iTunes localisation strings...

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Beatles settle with EMI -- is iTunes next?

Another hurdle on the way to an eventual Beatles-on-iTunes debut has been cleared. Today, ContactMusic reported that Apple Corps has settled with EMI over unpaid royalties. Apparently, this ongoing dispute has been one of the issues that has blocked online digital distribution of Beatles tracks. Th...

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DRM + iPhone = eeEEEeee-vil says NYT

I spent some of my lazy holiday Monday pondering an appropriate response to Randall Stross's article (not clearly billed as either news or opinion) in Sunday's New York Times entitled Want an iPhone? Beware the iHandcuffs, a fairly... odd interweaving of gripes about the 'lock-in' factor of the iTun...

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