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iPhone sync problems after iTunes update traced to leftover plugin

In case you are on the road to an iOS 4 update (and be careful), you might want to double check your work. Remember, first you have to update iTunes to 9.2, which will then allow you to download the iOS 4 update. After I updated iTunes, I went in to make some changes to what I had synced and take...

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iToner 1.0.8 ready for iPhone 2.0

iToner is Ambrosia's application that makes it easy to put free ringtones on your iPhone. Because really -- paying for ringtones is ridiculous. It works without hacks or tricks. Simply drop any MP3, AAC, WAVE, or AIFF audio file onto the application's window and boom! You're done. Ambrosia released ...

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iToner 1.0.7 is available

iToner by Ambrosia Software lets iPhone owners put an unlimited number of custom ringtones onto their phones with no hacks and no per-ringtone fees. We've written about iToner several times, and interviewed Ambrosia's president Andrew Welch about the future of the product. This week, iToner 1.0.7 wa...

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Ambrosia updates apps but pulls iToner 1.0.5

Update: Despite the presence of the iToner 1.0.5 press release on Ambrosia's news page, the download page is currently offering up 1.0.4. Ambrosia's press rep has contacted us and says, "Sorry for the confusion and also the inconvenience. We are aware of an issue with iToner 1.0.5 and are currently...

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The Curious Case of the 1.1.2 Ringtones

Apple's 1.1.2 iPhone firmware release brought easy custom ringtones back to life. With 1.1.2 you can once again add end-user ringtones to iTunes and, from there, sync them to your iPhone. Did Apple intentionally thwart third party ringtones with its 1.1.1 firmware or not? Is the 1.1.2 reprieve an ov...

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iToner 1.0.3 works with iPhone 1.1.1

The iToner saga continues. As you might recall, iToner (which allows you to create ringtones for your iPhone using any non-DRMed AAC or MP3 files) no longer worked with the iPhone 1.1.1 firmware. All seemed lost, but those crafty folks at Ambrosia figured out a way to get iToner working as a beta. T...

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iToner working with iPhone Firmware 1.1.1

Looks like those Ambrosia Guys have made a break-through. This video shows their iToner utility working with the iPhone 1.1.1 firmware. iToner, as you may already know, allows you to install third-party ringtones onto your iPhone. So you can either use your personal audio collection or record ...

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TUAW Interview: Ambrosia's Andrew Welch on the iPhone update and iToner

As we reported yesterday, Ambrosia Software is working hard to get their iPhone ringtone maker iToner working again after it was broken by the iPhone 1.1.1 update. Last evening the president of Ambrosia Software, Andrew Welch, was kind enough to sit down with us (virtually, anyway) to comment on the...

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iToner 1.0.2 is available

In the world of iPhone ringtones, there's the Apple way, and there's the way everyone else does it. For the latter, Ambrosia has released iToner which lets you use any MP3 or AAC as a ringtone for your iPhone (we first looked at iToner a couple of weeks ago). Changes in version 1.0.2 include: Im...

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iToner 1.0.1 restores compatibility with iTunes 7.4.1

As we reported earlier, the iTunes 7.4/7.4.1 update broke a number of officially unsupported third-party extensions. Among these was the recently released iToner ringtone utility from Ambrosia. The new update restores the custom ringtone functionality as well as adding file-dragging from iTunes and ...

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Ambrosia releases iToner: iPhone ringtone manager

Ambrosia today released iToner, a new piece of Mac software to manage custom iPhone ringtones. iToner allows you to create iPhone ringtones just by dropping audio files on the faux iPhone interface and syncing. Best of all it does not require any kind of "modifying, hacking or having to reset your i...

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