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Tag: iTunes 9

Music artists, labels create enhanced albums for iPad

Launched with iTunes 9, iTunes LP would let record labels include extra content, such as liner notes, expanded artwork and lyrics, in albums sold on iTunes. The feature never took off, but the concept of adding value to an album using interactive digital content has not died. Record labels such...

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Sony taking advantage of iTunes extras

Sony is quietly adding bonus feature content to select iTunes releases including the Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg action comedy The Other Guys, Salt and Resident Evil: Afterlife. If you buy one of these three films, you will be able to use a new search feature that allows you to input a word and p...

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iTunes 9.0.1 now in Software Update

Fire up your Software Updates, gang: the new version of iTunes is here -- with bug fixes and tweaks to help those who were suffering from iTunes 9 issues. The update's fixes include: Resolves issues browsing the iTunes Store. Addresses a performance issue where iTunes may become unresponsive. ...

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Mac 101: Using Home Sharing in iTunes 9

Home Sharing is one of the fantastic new features in iTunes 9, and one that slipped between the cracks in our coverage in the days after the software was released. Sang Tang showed us how to use FireWire to speed up transfers over your network, but this is a basic overview of how Home Sharing wor...

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TUAW Tip: Option-clicking the green button

When iTunes 9 changed the behavior of the green "maximize" button to shrink the player to the mini player, I adapted quickly. Option-clicking is pretty easy to do since the option key (unlike control) is on both sides of my laptops' keyboards. But I forgot that option-clicking the green button on w...

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Using FireWire to help speed up the iTunes Home Sharing process

One of the new features of iTunes 9 is Home Sharing. The feature allows you to manually browse, import, and automatically add iTunes content from up to five authorized computers in your house. While Home Sharing is certainly a welcome feature, it's so slow that you may not live long enough to see al...

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Inside the new iTunes LP format

With the release of iTunes 9 came iTunes LP. Our own Dave Caolo gave iTunes LP a glowing review, but if you're wondering just how Apple worked their magic with the new format, web developer Jay Robinson has picked it apart thoroughly. As it turns out, simply replacing the ".itlp" extension with ".z...

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iTunes 9 Genius Mixes: You don't need to be a genius to create 'em

I have to admit to an embarrassing situation Wednesday afternoon. While writing the iPhone OS 3.1 overview post, I got to the section about "Genius Mixes" and was totally boggled. I couldn't see any way to create them on the iPhone itself, and there was nothing I could see in iTunes 9 that would do ...

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Hands-on with the new iPod nano, part 1

While people were still reeling from the fact that the iPod nano, and not the iPod touch, gained a video camera, my trusty 5.5G 30 GB iPod video decided to die a slow, painful death. Over the past few weeks, I'd been hearing the hard drive click of doom, having the iPod randomly reboot while list...

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iTunes 9 Focus: iTunes Media organization

iTunes was never known for organizing things well in the Finder. It pretty much just dumped everything in your iTunes Music folder, whether it was an album, movie, or a season of TV shows. You could still find what you were looking for, but it was kind of a pain, because you'd have to scroll past po...

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Dear Auntie TUAW: What happened to the mini player in iTunes 9?

Dear Auntie TUAW, With all the shiny goodness of iTunes 9 and a way to finally organise iPhone/iPod Touch apps without getting a friction burn on my thumb, I settled in for some music lovin'. Now I don't know how everyone else in the world likes their iTunes experience, but personally I'm quite fo...

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iTunes 9 Focus: Tips for editing your iPhone apps screens

While of my colleagues are tremendously excited about Norah Jones and iTunes LP, I've got to say I was far happier to discover the new iTunes 9 iPhone application management screens that Brett touched on yesterday (Sorry, Dave!). Located in the Applications tab for each iPhone and iPod touch device...

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iTunes 9 Focus: iTunes LP

For me, the most exciting feature of iTunes 9 is iTunes LP. As a kid, I read CD booklets cover to cover, looked at every photo, saw who played what instrument on what track and who wrote the songs. That's an experience I've missed since distribution went digital, but I've accepted it. A coupl...

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Apple releases video of today's event

Update: The video of the keynote announcement is now linked off the front page of Though the video of today's event is not yet on (as of this writing -- though you can find it here), it has been added to Apple's official podcast. Even if you were underwhelmed by today's annou...

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First Look: TUAW gives iPhone OS 3.1 the hands-on treatment

iPhone OS 3.1 made the scene today at the Apple event, with a number of new features and fixes that should make iPhone owners happy (and iPod touch owners -- although for them, the version number is 3.1.1 instead). After a slow start to the download, I was able to get the update loaded onto my iPhon...

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