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Music artists, labels create enhanced albums for iPad

Launched with iTunes 9, iTunes LP would let record labels include extra content, such as liner notes, expanded artwork and lyrics, in albums sold on iTunes. The feature never took off, but the concept of adding value to an album using interactive digital content has not died. Record labels such...

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Jobs says iTunes extras are "coming" to Apple TV

Steve Jobs emails tend to lie along a spectrum: at one end, they're pretty much useless (and probably often fake), and at the other end, they're interesting little glances at features we might get in the future. I'm putting this one in the second category, but of course, as usual, it's up to you wh...

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After iLife '11 analysis: Uncertain future for iWeb, no future for iDVD

Yesterday's announcement of iLife '11 brought some cool new features across the suite... well, most of the suite anyway. As many people have noticed, only iPhoto, iMovie, and Garage Band were updated. iWeb and iDVD got no love besides small code changes that make them compatible with the new iLif...

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Report: RIAA pressured Apple into creating iTunes LP

This feature over at GigaOM has quite a few interesting insights about the iTunes LP program -- while Apple sells it wholeheartedly as "the visual experience of the record album," it appears the story behind the story is not quite so clean. According to an anonymous source in the industry (note, n...

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Apple planning to add iTunes LP creation to iDVD?

With the recent introduction of documentation to create iTunes LP and iTunes Extras and the ability to submit the the iTunes Store, Apple might be thinking about bringing development of iTunes LP a bit further. Boy Genius Report is reporting they've heard that Apple might be wanting to bring iTunes ...

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Apple documents iTunes LP and iTunes Extras for developers

After seeing the intent by developers and artists to create iTunes LP and iTunes Extras for their music, Apple has opened up the availability to develop these features to third parties. However, automatic submission for iTunes LP and iTunes Extras is not expected until early 2010; in the meantime, i...

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iTunes LP now available for Apple TV customers

A few of us here at TUAW received an email from Apple this morning stating that Apple TV-compatible versions of previous iTunes LP purchases are available for download. You'll remember that LP purchases made before the Apple TV 3.0 release would need a second download to work with the Apple TV. Appl...

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Prepare for digital music from the Beatles -- but not on iTunes

In a limited run of 30,000 units, Apple Corps Ltd. will be releasing the Beatles' remastered catalog for your consumption in a green apple USB device. Unfortunately, I didn't say anything about iTunes in that sentence... It looks like the Apples still can't play nice together, so we're left to drea...

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Hands-on with the underwhelming Apple TV 3.0 update

Regardless of some of the breathless comments coming out about the Apple TV 3.0 update, it appears that Apple TV is still a "hobby" to Apple. That is my impression after updating my Apple TV this afternoon and giving it a short run around the block. To start with, I need to qualify this post with...

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iTunes TOS update hints at Apple TV 3.0 software

A new terms of service agreement has been posted up for iTunes users to approve when purchasing songs, movies or apps -- but a read of the summary reveals that Apple TV 3.0 software is on the way. Thus far, all we know is that the update will include support for iTunes LPs and iTunes Extras. A qu...

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Distributing iTunes LPs without iTunes

Within days of the iTunes 9 and iTunes LP announcement, people had already thoroughly hacked apart the iTunes LP format only to discover it was just a clever combination of images, HTML, CSS and Javascript. Because any web developer could create an iTunes LP, it seemed strange that indie labels were...

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iTunes LP broken for indie record labels?

Update: ElectricPig is reporting on 10/13 that an Apple spokesperson said the LP format will be opened up for all, indies and majors alike. There's word from an indie record-label that iTunes LPs are not for the indies. Introduced at Apple's "It's Only Rock and Roll" event in September, the iTune...

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iTunes 101: Wrangle your iTunes LPs with Smart Playlists

Photo courtesy of Jay Robinson Earlier we mentioned how to explore the iTunes LP format and how easy it is to peek inside and check out all of the non-Flash, CSS-based awesomeness. But if you happen to be somewhat less geeky, it's pretty likely that your definition of "exploring" iTun...

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Inside the new iTunes LP format

With the release of iTunes 9 came iTunes LP. Our own Dave Caolo gave iTunes LP a glowing review, but if you're wondering just how Apple worked their magic with the new format, web developer Jay Robinson has picked it apart thoroughly. As it turns out, simply replacing the ".itlp" extension with ".z...

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Apple TV gains hard disk capacity, loses weighty price

Less than a week after the Apple TV was studiously ignored by Steve & Phil at the music event, a tipster has pointed us in the direction of the Apple online store where the device has suddenly gained some capacity and become less expensive. The original 40GB model has been dropped altogether,...

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