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iTunes 10.6 adds option to sync 192kbps, 256kbps audio

According to AppleInsider, Apple snuck in two new bitrate options into iTunes 10.6 for users who sync their iTunes library to their iPhone or iPad. Most audio tracks are encoded at 256 kbps if they're bought from the iTunes Store, and now you can keep that quality when you send your files to your i...

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iTunes bankruptcy, step one: The Great Purge

I'll admit it was a problem that I had created myself: I had moved my iTunes library from one computer to another. Then I tried syncing it across two computers. Add in a bunch of music from SXSW, along with other music given to me along the way, and before I knew it, my iTunes library was a 160GB m...

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Lyric fetchin' lovin': how to batch fetch lyrics with GimmeSomeTune and Needle Drop

One neat little thing about the iPod and iPhone family of devices is their ability to display lyrics -- supported by all iPod nanos as well as the iPhone/iPod touch, and iPod Classic 5th generation and higher. On the iPhone and iPod touch, lyrics show up when a song is loaded (and can be re-displaye...

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Synching iTunes Libraries Take 2: Syncopation

After testing TuneRanger over the past few days and not getting very good results, yesterday I had a chance to test Sonzea's Syncopation, which was recommended by several TUAW readers. Like TuneRanger, Syncopation works by synchronizing multiple iTunes libraries. Unlike TuneRanger, Syncopation is a ...

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Take command of iTunes with PowerTunes

PowerTunes is iTunes management software from Fat Cat Software, the developers who produced the popular iPhoto Library Manager (we've written about iPhoto Library Manager before). Its purpose is to make somewhat pesky tasks easy. You can use PowerTunes to create multiple libraries. Perhaps you and y...

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World's Largest iTunes Library?

Glen Wolsey has an interview up with Will Friedwald, the self-proclaimed owner of the world's largest iTunes collection, which he has even given a name: "The Matrix." Friedwald is apparently a music writer for the New York Sun, and his main library contains over 170,000 tracks (849GB). He also has a...

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