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Apple tops 5 billion mark in iTunes sales

When the iTunes Store was first introduced (hey, remember when it was called the iTunes Music Store and all you could buy were DRMed music tracks? Those were the days) I thought people wouldn't spend much money there. Sure, it was pretty and easy to use but people don't want DRM laced music, thoug...

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Apple adds 2 million more iTunes Plus tracks

After much speculation, Apple has finally announced that iTunes Plus is finally expanding - and keen to point out (perhaps to Amazon's chagrin) "The iTunes Plus catalog is now the largest DRM-free catalog in the world." Whilst three major labels are sadly missing in action - how many more hints do t...

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George Harrison solo works now on iTunes

The Beatles are now on iTunes-- kind of. George Harrison has become the last solo Beatle to be added to the iTMS, as iTunes now carries all of his solo work (including "Got My Mind Set on You"-- enjoy having that in your head for the rest of the day). That means that all the Beatles have now had the...

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Is the iTunes Music Store scratching and skipping?

Over the past couple of days, we've received reports here at the TUAW home office (located in the seaside town of Ocean City, MD; excellent taffy) of multiple download problems in purchasing music at the iTunes store. While the transaction completes as far as billing is concerned, the actual file do...

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