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Amazon releases ad-supported Kindle

The e-book wars are heating up, and Amazon is doing everything it can to make sure it takes the top spot. Today the internet giant announced that it will sell an ad-supported version of the Kindle for a price of US$114.00. Thankfully, Amazon is being rather tactful with the ads. They will not appe...

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Toyota puts up theme, ads on ModMyi jailbreak repository

This is kind of a weird story, but definitely an interesting one. Word is going around that Toyota, of all brands, might be advertising on the ModMyi repository. Supposedly there's an official Scion interface theme on sale in the jailbreak store, and there are ads for the car manufacturer runni...

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Apple iAd minimum buy halved to $500,000

Apple is reportedly lowering the entrance fee for its iAd platform to US$500,000, a 50 percent reduction from its launch price of $1 million. This potential reduction would benefit smaller advertisers who can now afford to get their foot in the door of this mobile advertising platform. Mark R...

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Are Apple's iAds in trouble?

I probably could have told you this one based on the anecdotal data I've heard from developers lately, but "insiders" have told MobileCrunch that Apple's iAd service isn't doing quite as well as Apple had hoped. The fill rate -- which refers to actual ad space that's filled with a paid ad -- has dr...

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Apple's iAd Producer released: In-app ad development kit

Apple has made another tool available for developers who are considering using iAd as a way of making revenue from their iOS apps. iAd Producer is a free ad creation toolkit that became available today on the Apple Developer website, and it is designed to streamline the creation of compelling animat...

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First iAd for iPad features Tron Legacy

The first iPad iAd has been released today, and it's for Disney's upcoming film Tron Legacy. The iAd features video from the Tron movie, which leads to an interactive menu. The menu itself is designed to look like a light disc and allows the viewer to navigate to a photo gallery, movie trailer, the...

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Renault to launch first European iAd for new Twizy EV

When Apple's mobile iAds launch in Europe this week, one of the companies with a campaign will be French automaker Renault. It's fitting that Renault will be promoting its new two-seat electric city car, the Twizy, with its iAd since its alliance partner Nissan was the first to use iAds earlier this...

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iAd will launch in Europe this December

Earlier today, Apple formally announced its plans to launch iAd in Europe (The UK and France specifically). The initial advertisers will be L'Oréal, Renault, Louis Vuitton, Nespresso, Perrier, Unilever, Citi, Evian, LG Display, AB InBev, Turkish Airlines and Absolute Radio. The Financial Time...

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iAd will launch in Europe this week

Shortly after the Japan iAd deal was sealed, Apple is rumored to be ready to launch iAd in Europe this week. The Financial Times reports that a number of very big brands are already on board, and that Apple will make the announcement later this week. L'Oréal, Renault and Nestlé are rep...

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iAds helping all mobile advertising take off?

The Wall Street Journal is reporting on an interesting effect of Apple's iAd platform -- it seems to be helping the competition. Just a few months after being announced, iAds began appearing in the U.S., and a global launch began earlier this month. Meanwhile, Apple and the Denstu Group signed a ...

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Dentsu Group and Apple bring iAd to Japan

Apple has inked a deal with the Dentsu Group that will bring iAd to Japan. Dentsu subsidiary cyber communications, inc. (cci) will take over the selling and "creative execution" of iAds in Japan, with a premiere date set for "early 2011." Under this arrangement, Apple will be limited to hosting and ...

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iAds begin to roll out globally

Hot on the heels of today news that Apple is building a New York City office for the iAd team, MacRumors is reporting that Apple has begun to deploy iAds on a global scale. Previously, iAds were limited to the North America and the United Kingdom, but now iAd impressions are appearing from other cou...

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Apple is building a NYC office for the iAd team

Business Insider is reporting that Apple has begun construction on a New York City-based office for members of the iAd team. Referring to information attained from "multiple sources," Dan Frommer says that the building will be in Manhattan near Union Square. The new digs will be a step up from th...

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Report: Apple may have paid over $1M in iAd trademark settlement

This is interesting -- a consultant for Apple on the recent "iAd" trademark settlement accidentally disclosed some information about how much the payout was, and apparently it wasn't cheap. Consor says that it helped Innovate Media (the firm which has used the iAd trademark since 2006) pick up "a 7...

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Apple taking mobile ad share from Google, Yahoo, should have 21% by year end

Apple's iAd service is a relative newcomer to the mobile ads industry, which is probably why it's completely falling apart. No, sorry Carol, we're kidding -- Apple's service is doing extremely well, and it's already threatening established mobile advertising services like Google and Yahoo!. IDC clai...

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