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iAd Gallery breaks App Store guidelines - so what?

There was a modest amount of Internet Fussing after Apple released its iAd Gallery app. Business Insider noted that iAd Gallery appears to violate App Store guideline 2.13, "Apps that are primarily marketing materials or advertisements will be rejected," and MacStories echoed that sentiment. Inne...

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Apple introduces iAd Gallery app four days late

When next someone asks you, "Hey, what is the top app I should put on my new iPhone? Can you recommend something that will be insanely useful, offer lots of long-term functionality and really show off my device?" Consider how much you dislike this person. Then, if they really deserve it, rec...

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More iAds appearing on iPad

CNET reports that more iAds are starting to appear on the iPad platform. Apple released an iAd for the magical and revolutionary tablet last year featuring the Tron movie, but since then, we haven't seen a lot of traffic in iAd impressions on the platform. That's now changed; a new ad for Unilever...

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Apple iAd minimum buy halved to $500,000

Apple is reportedly lowering the entrance fee for its iAd platform to US$500,000, a 50 percent reduction from its launch price of $1 million. This potential reduction would benefit smaller advertisers who can now afford to get their foot in the door of this mobile advertising platform. Mark R...

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Report: iAds surging against Android

In a new study from Medialets, Apple has grabbed the lead in mobile ad share from Android. There have been concerns that the Apple iOS ad system was faltering, but it seems to be getting a strong footing, at least for now. Most of the Apple gains are on the iPhone and the iPod touch, but the iPad s...

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Are Apple's iAds in trouble?

I probably could have told you this one based on the anecdotal data I've heard from developers lately, but "insiders" have told MobileCrunch that Apple's iAd service isn't doing quite as well as Apple had hoped. The fill rate -- which refers to actual ad space that's filled with a paid ad -- has dr...

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iAds more effective than TV advertising, Nielsen finds

Nielsen is reporting, according to the results of a new survey, that Apple's iAds for Campbell's soup products were more than twice as effective as television advertising for the same product. Nielsen says that customers who saw ads for Campbell's in Apple's operating system were five times as like...

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Firemint releases free, ad-supported Flight Control to App Store

Firemint confirmed today that it is launching a free, ad-supported version of its popular Flight Control game for the iPhone and iPod touch. The app has received the rubber stamp of approval from Apple and should appear on the App Store in the upcoming days. The free version has the same gamepl...

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First iAd for iPad features Tron Legacy

The first iPad iAd has been released today, and it's for Disney's upcoming film Tron Legacy. The iAd features video from the Tron movie, which leads to an interactive menu. The menu itself is designed to look like a light disc and allows the viewer to navigate to a photo gallery, movie trailer, the...

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Renault to launch first European iAd for new Twizy EV

When Apple's mobile iAds launch in Europe this week, one of the companies with a campaign will be French automaker Renault. It's fitting that Renault will be promoting its new two-seat electric city car, the Twizy, with its iAd since its alliance partner Nissan was the first to use iAds earlier this...

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iAd highlighted in new Apple video

Apple has updated its iAd advertising site with a show-reel showcasing some of the early advertisement adopters. Of course the best of the best have been selected, and all of the campaigns featured look great. We've only seen a few here at TUAW, like the Nissan Leaf ad at pictured at right, but thos...

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iAds helping all mobile advertising take off?

The Wall Street Journal is reporting on an interesting effect of Apple's iAd platform -- it seems to be helping the competition. Just a few months after being announced, iAds began appearing in the U.S., and a global launch began earlier this month. Meanwhile, Apple and the Denstu Group signed a ...

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iAds begin to roll out globally

Hot on the heels of today news that Apple is building a New York City office for the iAd team, MacRumors is reporting that Apple has begun to deploy iAds on a global scale. Previously, iAds were limited to the North America and the United Kingdom, but now iAd impressions are appearing from other cou...

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Report: Apple may have paid over $1M in iAd trademark settlement

This is interesting -- a consultant for Apple on the recent "iAd" trademark settlement accidentally disclosed some information about how much the payout was, and apparently it wasn't cheap. Consor says that it helped Innovate Media (the firm which has used the iAd trademark since 2006) pick up "a 7...

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iOS social apps attracting more eyes than top TV shows

In the battle for viewer eyes, Apple appears to be making some huge strides. How huge? Well, ad group Flurry says that socially aware iOS apps now have a larger audience share than some of the top TV shows. Flurry estimated that 19 million iOS device owners are connecting for more than 22 minute...

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