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Vellum ebook publishing app gets update and images

Back in December of 2013, the world was introduced to Vellum, a Mac app designed to make ebook publishing painless. I personally loved the ease of use of the app, since it lets potential authors and publishers create and edit their books for free, then make an in-app purchase of US$49.99 (regular ...

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The Swift Programming Language manual available on iBookstore

One of the bigger surprises during today's WWDC 2014 keynote was the announcement of Swift, a new programming language for developing iOS and OS X apps. Apple wasted no time in making the Swift Programming Language manual available online on the iBookstore for free. The 860 page manual contains ma...

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Photos may be the only book you need for mastering your iOS photography

I've spent several pleasant hours with Tom Rudderham's interactive book Photos. It contains a wealth of information about using your camera to the fullest, including those in Apple's iOS devices. The book contains videos and interactive graphics to make learning all that much faster. Rudderham sh...

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Outages affect App Store, iBookstore, Mac App Store, and iTunes for some users today

Users of Apple's various online stores including the App Store, Mac App Store, iTunes and iBookstore saw outages today from 11:23 AM to 1:54 PM ET. According to Apple, the outages only affected "some users," but those users were unable to download previously purchased content or restore apps from ...

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Steve Jobs didn't want an iBookstore until Eddy Cue convinced him

During Apple's e-book price-fixing case on Thursday, Apple executive Eddy Cue testified that Steve Jobs initially wasn't interested in getting into the e-book market at all. Lucky for us, All Things D was on hand to capture all of the courtroom details describing the backstory behind Apple's event...

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Rumor: Amazon's Goodreads purchase cancelled a possible Apple partnership

The Wall Street Journal says that before Amazon's purchase of the Goodreads service earlier this year, Apple was planning to possibly integrate the social reading-recommendation service into its own iBookstore. Apple and Goodreads, says the WSJ, had been talking for a year or more about combini...

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iBook Lessons: Why the Kindle App is still the best reader on iOS

iBook Lessons is a continuing series about e-book writing and publishing. The important thing about e-books is this: the reader matters a lot less than the content. Over time, I've found myself using iBooks less and less and less, as I now turn almost exclusively to Kindle for my iPad reading. ...

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iBooks 3.1 brings paid content to iBookstore in Japan

Version 3.1 of iBooks is out today and while it might not bring much in the way of new features for Western users, it's a pretty big deal for book lovers located in Japan. That's because the latest update introduces paid content on the order of hundred of thousands of books -- encompassing novels...

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TUAW Bookshelf: Hello iPad Tips & Tricks

Longtime developer of training apps and books Saied Ghaffari's It's About Time LLC has a new title out in the iBookstore: Hello iPad Tips & Tricks (US$0.99). Following up on the company's popular Hello Mountain Lion Tips, Tricks & Secrets e-book, this enhanced electronic book collects m...

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Apple highlights self-published iBooks with new Breakout Books section

In a move intended to make discovering independent authors easier on the iBookstore, Apple has launched a new sub-section of the US iTunes Store called Breakout Books. Previously rolled out in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK, the section is meant to promote titles from writers who've ...

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TUAW Bookshelf: iPod Evolution

The iPod is the member of the Apple family that is overshadowed by the newer, more popular kids on the block. Yet it was the iPod that was the "gateway drug" for many of today's Apple fans, opening the eyes of a generation to how consumer electronics should be built and used. Author, blogger an...

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iBook Lessons: Hardback-only Memory of Light release frustrates would-be epurchasers

iBook Lessons is a continuing series about ebook writing and publishing. I was rather surprised this morning when, upon visiting Amazon, I found myself unable to purchase Brandon Sanderson's Memory of Light from the Kindle store. A major Tor release, Memory of Light wraps up the Wheel of Time s...

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Apple's iBookstore to hit Japan this year

Before Apple rolled out the iBookstore in Japan in 2010, it failed to negotiate the necessary contracts with Japan's biggest book publishers. As a result, the iBookstore in Japan was stocked predominately with free, public domain e-books. The only paid e-books in the store have been from very s...

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Apple ordered to pay settlement in Chinese App Store copyright case

Imagine you're an author and you find out that someone has been selling your books on the App Store without your consent -- and, worse, you don't see a dime of the profits. That's what happened to a group of eight writers in China, and a court there has decided that Apple owes them compensation...

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Apple settles with EU over e-book pricing, hands Amazon a victory

Apple's long battle with European Union regulators over e-book pricing has ended with Apple and four publishers offering to let retailers set prices or discounts for the next two years and suspend "most-favored nation" contracts for five years. The EU responded positively to the news. Competiti...

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