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Daily Mac App: iClip

I missed out on iClip during its initial heyday a few years ago, so I was pleased to see it make a comeback. The OS X utility keeps a copy of almost anything that can be sent to the clipboard. It'll also organize those into scrapbooks or however you want. iClip sits off to the right side of t...

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iClip makes a comeback, now on the Mac App Store

It's always fantastic to see a good app make a comeback, and iClip is one of those apps. Developer Steven Audette of Irridated Software acquired iClip from its original developers and has released version 5.0 nearly five years after the software had its last major upgrade, now officially suppor...

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Last day to buy MacHeist Bundle

Today is the last day to buy the much coveted MacHeist application bundle. MacHeist has decided to sweeten the deal by unlocking SoundStudio early and offering $5 off any Insanely Great Tee. If you are a registered member of the MacHeist site you can also get early access to Headline (an RSS reader)...

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iClip 4.0

iClip 4.0 has been a long time coming, but the wait is over. That's right, boys and girls, your favorite clipboard on steroids has just debuted in a new version. What is new in this version you ask? Here is a list, just for you: New interface Generally faster Universal Binary Many bugs k...

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iClip 4 beta released to MacHeist customers

Customers of the MacHeist bundle should be receiving an email offering a download link for the new iClip 4 beta that was promised. This is a new version that John Casasanta is apparently just about ready to release next week at the Macworld expo, and users are encouraged to help track down bugs and ...

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Developers unleash exclusive offers for MacHeist participants

One of the appeals of MacHeist that a few participating developers cited for their participation is residual sales. Things like upgrade licenses, extra plugins and add-ons can all be big boosts to a 3rd party developer's revenue, and some of MacHeist's participating devs have certainly hit the groun...

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A few of my favorite Widgets

When my machine was a rickety little 800 MHz iBook, crusted with too many hacks, apps and utilities, I just gave up on Widgets. Dashboard was a system hog on an already dog-slow machine, and I just killed it off. My MacBook Pro is another story. While I've eschewed the volume of Widgets a true powe...

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iClip is Free Today

MacZot is offering Inventive's iClip as a free download today. It's version 3.7 and isn't a universal binary but version 4.0 is about to ship and the company has long offered free upgrades, so grab it now and watch for version 4.0 to ship. I'm not personally a user of multiple clipboards, but I supp...

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iClip Lite 2 Dashboard widget released

iClip Lite, as we've mentioned in the past, is a free, widgetized version of the shareware iClip. The Lite widget version is "a multiple clipboard & scrapbook widget designed to improve your efficiency and productivity for most tasks you do on your computer". New in version 2 is:    &...

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