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Avatron Kickstarts Everydisk project for secure personal cloud storage

The remote data field is dominated by powerhouses like Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, SugarSync and so on. Whether you're looking for a hardware network-attached storage (NAS) solution or a cloud-storage server, there's probably a vendor or 10 you've already heard of. Now, iOS/Mac development...

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Help family members keep track of Apple ID/iCloud details with TUAW's fill-out form

Now that the gift-giving season is winding down, you may have a less tech-savvy relative who has suddenly found themselves with a shiny new Apple product. Whether they're getting started with an iPhone, iPad or MacBook, there's one thing they'll be needing (aside from apps): their Apple ID and...

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TUAW video tip: Creating Contacts groups on a PC

Mac users have been able to create groups in Contacts (formerly Address Book) for years. It's a wonderful way to group together various contacts so that you can send an email or message to all the parties in question by addressing it to the group instead of the individuals. There's one little...

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Dropbox CEO: Jobs wanted to 'kill' the service

Dropbox founder and CEO Drew Houston gave an interesting interview at the Dreamforce conference. He spoke of where Dropbox had come from and where it's heading in the future. One interesting anecdote was the story he told of when Steve Jobs contacted him and expressed an interest in buying Dropbox....

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If you have ever tried to add your iCloud calendar in Google Calendar, you probably saw this error: "Could not fetch the URL because robots.txt prevents us from crawling the URL." That's because the file tells "web crawlers" not to index anything under /calendar/...

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Tis the season to subscribe: What's on my annual service renewal lists

As November rolls around, it's generally time for me to take stock, look at my current service subscriptions (as opposed to entertainment subscriptions like Netflix and Hulu) and weigh what items I'm going to invest in for the next twelve months. Some of my subscriptions are annual choices. They...

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Apple updates iWork iCloud beta with new collaboration tools

The ongoing beta of Apple's iWork for iCloud received an update today that delivers new features aimed at improving collaboration. New features for Keynote, Numbers and Pages in iCloud are fully explained when you first activate the apps on, but we've got a list of what you can expect....

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Apple teases new iWork for iCloud coming 'in a few short hours'

Apple has begun placing teaser banners on the iWork for iCloud apps, including Pages, Keynote and Numbers. When logging onto and selecting one of the iWork apps, users are now greeted with this banner above their iWork documents: We're updating Pages/Numbers/Keynote for iCloud! In...

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AOL Alto webmail client dropping support for iCloud in December

AOL has reached out to iCloud users of its Alto webmail client to announce it will be dropping support for the Apple service on December 2. Alto is a service that integrates your Yahoo, Gmail and other email services into one mailbox. iCloud users received the following email from Alto...

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German iCloud users get Push email back

German iCloud users may use push again, reports FOSS Patents. Push iCloud email went live again at 9 PM local time in Germany last night, more than 19 months after Google's Motorola used a patent the company held to bar Apple from offering the popular feature to its iCloud users in the...

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Apple sends out emails telling iCloud users their complimentary storage has expired

We all new this day was coming. Apple has sent out emails informing iCloud users their complimentary iCloud storage has expired. The iCloud storage was a free extra 20 GB of space for MobileMe members. Now all those members will be downgraded to the free 5 GB of iCloud storage all iCloud members...

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How to downgrade your iCloud storage if you're in the 25 GB club, but use less than 15 GB

Note: If you are currently using less than 5 GB on iCloud now, you can skip this article entirely. Thanks to Jim for the notion to make this clear. I've long suffered Apple's attempts at cloud services. While iTools hardly counts, my accounts (and usernames) do go back that far, and along the way...

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How to decrease your iCloud storage

When Apple began transitioning paid MobileMe customers to iCloud, it used a temporary 25 GB of additional storage as incentive. Apple planned to take it back on June 30, but in fact extended the program until Sept. 30, 2012. That date was eventually extended an additional 12 months to Sept. 30,...

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Apple wants to buy more land for Oregon data center

Apple is considering purchasing another 96 acres of land in Prineville, Ore., in hopes of expanding its data centers even further, The Oregonian reports. The assistant planning director for Crook County confirmed to the paper that a company code-named "Project Pillar" has expressed interest in...

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A friendly reminder to former MobileMe customers: Free storage upgrade ends September 30

I knew something was up this morning when my wife sent me a message saying that she had received an email from Apple about exceeding 5 GB of storage and functions would stop working after September 30, 2013, if she continued to exceed that amount. There's a reason for this: former MobileMe customers...

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