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Iconfactory working on open-source iOS frameworks for Mac OS X

The Iconfactory is one of the premiere Mac development houses, and as Iconfactory developer Craig Hockenberry posts on his blog, they've just contributed to the developer community "in a big way." The team has introduced an open source framework called Chameleon, which provides apps designed ...

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Flare from The Iconfactory: Awesome photo editing app for Mac

One of the joys of photography with the iPhone is that there are a huge number of apps for the platform that let you work with your photos to apply cropping, add filters and effects, and then share those photos with others. Sure, we have apps like iPhoto and Photoshop Elements, but to me they're n...

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TUAW's Daily App: Astronut

You may have already heard about the Iconfactory's new game Astronut, but just in case you haven't, we'll happily be the ones to tell you. From the makers of Ramp Champ and Twitterrific comes a game that's sort of a mashup between Dizzypad, Captain Ludwig and Doodle Jump. You play a little astronaut...

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Iconfactory gives a sneak peek at Twitterrific 4

Iconfactory has given a sneak peek at its upcoming Twitterrific version 4 for the Mac. There's no information yet on pricing or release date, but it will require Snow Leopard "...because of some new features." The announcement includes a screenshot but not much more. In fact, if you look carefully ...

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Talkcast tonight, 10pm ET: Mac App Store & more, open phones for developers

There was something for everyone at Wednesday's 'Back to the Mac' event: new hardware, new software, new OS preview and new paradigm for Mac software sales. If you've got an opinion on any of these topics -- and we know you do -- then be sure to join us tonight on the TUAW Talkcast. We're going to b...

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Pause your music intelligently with Take Five

The latest application from The Iconfactory, Take Five, is meant to eliminate one pesky problem: the realization that you've been wearing headphones that aren't pumping out any music. I'm glad to say that it succeeds. Consider this scenario. You're working at your desk while listening to music on...

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Twitterrific 3 for the iPad: change, tough love, and better

Here's a good sign that you've made some pretty significant changes to your application: three different people from the company write three different posts about the new design. That's what the folks from Iconfactory did about Twitterrific 3. David Lanham wrote about Redesigning Twitterrific, not j...

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Sitting for a portrait with FaceTime on iPhone 4

So, you're tired of your Twitter avatar, the photo of your face that you took in Photo Booth. Maybe a nice portrait would be in order... David Lanham, who is probably best known for his work with Iconfactory (he designed Ollie, the Twitteriffic bluebird), is an accomplished artist whose body of ...

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TUAW's Daily App: Twitterrific (and others!)

Ok, so we're kind of cheating with this one; you probably already know about Twitterrific, if you don't actually have it installed on your iPhone. But we're using our daily app spotlight today to point out that the folks at Iconfactory have released version 3.0 of the popular Twitter client. Along ...

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Talkcast Tonight, 10pm EDT: iPhone OS 4 and more!

For those of you (like me) who don't have an iPad, tonight's lead topic on the Talkcast will be a nice change: The future! We'll chat about iPhone OS 4 and with the addition of a couple of special guests, we will see where the conversation takes us. Remember, your call really IS important to us, ...

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Check-in from an Apple Store on Gowalla, get entered to win an Ollie

Iconfactory have a long history of lovely Mac things, including the spectacular Twitterrific iPhone app. When they created Twitterrific, they gave it an adorable icon of a little blue birdie. His name is Ollie. His popularity is always increasing. Of course, he is super cute, which helps. So super c...

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Holiday giveaways: Ollie the Twitterrific bird

Yes, it's that time of year when we empty out the TUAW swag vaults and pass the savings on. Our candidate today: He's avian, he's blue, and he might be coming to you.... Yes, it's the icon come to life who chirps his way into your heart, Ollie the Twitterrific bird. The Iconfactory's chatty quasi...

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Live chat tomorrow: Application Development for the (mythical) Apple Tablet

From a developer's point of view, what do these rumors mean? Is it enough to assume that App Store products will "just work" out of the box on a new device class? Will adherence to Apple's resolution independence design principles allow well-built iPhone applications to adapt to new window sizes? Or...

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Ramp Champ adds to ramps, challenges

Red paper tickets are the currency of childhood. On the shore of Oneida Lake, New York is Sylvan Beach, a small-town resort and amusement complex not unlike thousands of others that dot the country. To a parent, it's a fun day out. Just put the kids in the car and after a short drive set them loo...

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Twitterrific 2.0: It's real, and it's SPECTACULAR.

I'll be honest, I adore Twitter. I don't mean "Oh it's so cute and Oprah's on it," I mean in a way that is likely unhealthy. It was just another technology I had an account for but only sort of used until I found out that the Iconfactory created an application for my desktop called Twitterrific that...

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