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iConnectMIDI provides for all your MIDI requirements, including iOS

For musicians who use MIDI, it can be difficult and frustrating to get all your MIDI gear to talk to each other, especially all at the same time. Usually you hit some kind of snag, like your USB port not providing enough power to your MIDI device. Or older MIDI gear with 5-pin DIN MIDI connecto...

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iConnectivity presents iConnectMIDI at Macworld 2011

I stopped by the iConnectivity booth here at Macworld because I'd heard about a zero-latency MIDI-to-iOS hub they were releasing. As you'll see in the video below -- at least for musicians with MIDI elements in their kit -- it was worth the stop! Using CoreMIDI (iOS 4.2 only), the iConnectMIDI unit...

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iOS 4.2 to support MIDI

It's come to light that the upcoming release of iOS 4.2 (due in November) will support all-out MIDI. According to Mike Keller, writing for PC World, Core MIDI on iOS 4.2 should work just as Core MIDI does on Mac OS X, meaning that your iDevice running iOS 4.2 will communicate with other MIDI compati...

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