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Apple iPhone edges out BlackBerry in Canada

Apple surpassed RIM as the top mobile phone manufacturer in Canada said Bloomberg on Thursday. Data from IDC and Bloomberg suggests Apple shipped 2.85 million handsets in 2011, while RIM shipped 2.08 million. This is down from 2008 when RIM out shipped Apple almost five to one....

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iOS still holds edge in worldwide tablet shipments, despite Kindle Fire launch

The tablet market heated up in the last quarter of 2011 when Amazon went head-to-head against Apple with its Kindle Fire. Many expected the Fire to make a dent in the sales of the Apple iPad and the latest IDC numbers suggest their expectations were correct. Though overall iPad shipments increased...

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Daily Update for February 2, 2012

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requires F...

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Apple becomes world's third largest mobile phone manufacturer

In just five short years, Apple has become the third largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world. International Data Corporation (IDC), as part of the continuing Worldwide Mobile Phone Tracker survey, noted that the overall mobile phone market is still growing despite a major decline in numbers...

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Samsung battles Apple in Australia/NZ phone market as patent fight expands

There's rarely a day anymore that TUAW doesn't report on the status of one or more patent infringement lawsuits. The latest from the battle between Apple and Samsung is that the Cupertino company has now issued a notice of infringement to Samsung in Australia, noting that Samsung's case design ...

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Apple jumps to no. 3 in US PC market, even without iPad

Gartner and the market intelligence firm IDC have made their quarterly proclamation about PC retail shipments, and things aren't too great for that market: Growth is much slower than expected, picking up only 2.3%, way off from the predictions of 6.7 growth made in the first quarter of this yea...

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Apple has become Australia's top mobile brand

There are a lot of iPhones in Australia, and IDC reports today that the number has grown enough to make the iPhone the top smartphone "down under." Apple is reported to have a 40% market share of Australia's smartphone market, a rise of about 10% quarter-to-quarter. Android has a 30% share, whi...

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Research suggests Apple, Samsung to overtake Nokia this quarter

According to Boy Genius Report, a report from Nomura Research predicts that Nokia will lose its lead in smartphone unit sales for the first time this quarter, being surpassed by Apple and Samsung. Nokia has held the top spot in smartphone unit sales for the last 15 years. Dropping from first to...

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IDC claims iPhone marketshare has grown 115%

The International Data Corporation reports that Apple has been taking over the smartphone market in the past few years, with its market share growing by almost 115% over the past year. Apple's still not on top of the list (as there are much more established manufacturers on there, and as we've ...

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Survey: Developer interest in iOS highest and growing

Nielsen may be reporting that Android is growing in desire among consumers, but for developers, iOS is still the platform of choice. A survey by Appcelerator with help from IDC says that developers still favor iOS for making their mobile apps. A full 91 percent of devs surveyed said that they wer...

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Apple takes a bite out of PC market

For the first time in six quarters, worldwide shipments of personal computers declined during the first three months of 2011, according to reports from Gartner Inc. and International Data Corp. (IDC) released this week. Despite faltering demand for PCs, Apple enjoyed increased sales and market sha...

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iPad killing the competition

With the iPad 2 hitting stores across the U.S. today and worldwide within a couple of weeks, Ars Technica published a report today showing that the iPad should remain the market leader for tablet devices through 2011. Citing data from market research firm IDC, Ars blogger Chris Foresman notes...

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Apple is now the largest mobile phone manufacturer by revenue

Based on revenue, Apple is now the largest mobile phone provider in the world, surpassing even global leader Nokia. In the winter quarter of 2010, the iPhone and its accessories generated revenue of $10.47 billion for Apple. Nokia's Devices & Services group projects Q4 2010 sales of $11.7 billi...

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iPad tops 17 million tablets shipped in 2010

The tablet market exploded in 2010 with vendors shipping over 17 million tablets, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC), Worldwide Quarterly Media Tablet and eReader Tracker. The Apple iPad led the way with 87.4% market share. The remaining 12.6% is comprised of Android and other tab...

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Mac sales growth continues to surge ahead of PCs 3 to 1

In a pattern that has become very familiar to watchers of the computer market in the last few years, sales of Macs have grown at three times the rate of computers powered by other operating systems. According to a report issued by IDC, Apple computer sales jumped 28.5 percent in the July-September 2...

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