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Apple updates MobileMe iDisk app for iPhone

Apple has updated its MobileMe iDisk app [iTunes link]. Besides a new (much cooler) icon, version 1.1 features: Auto-complete email addresses when choosing recipients for a shared file File sharing emails are automatically saved to your Mail account's Sent folder When viewing an image, tap a...

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First Look: JotNot Scanner for iPhone updated to version 2.0

There's certainly no shortage when it comes to iPhone apps that turn your device into a pocket-sized scanner. At various times, TUAW bloggers have reviewed or discussed Readdle ScannerPro [US$6.99 (currently on sale for US$4.99), iTunes Link], DocScanner [US$8.99, iTunes Link], and JotNot [US$4.99, ...

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First Look: iDisk app

Apple's long-awaited free iDisk (iTunes link) program brings some great new features that makes MobileMe more appealing. But, there are a few holes and the program certainly doesn't do everything. Basic layout When you launch the iDisk app, you'll see most of folders that you normally have acces...

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iDisk iPhone app arrives, there is much rejoicing

You have waited with varying degrees of patience, but your wait is over: the MobileMe iDisk app, in all its officialness, is now available on the App Store. The iDisk app allows you to view the contents of your MobileMe iDisk straight from your iPhone, and offers some nice options, such as adjusting...

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iDisk for iPhone release hinted at via phantom tech note

We've been waiting and waiting for the official iDisk app for iPhone 3.0 devices -- since WWDC, in fact, when the capability for the Apple-branded file sharing solution was first announced. Now there are hints that the app may actually be on the way. Yesterday, the tech note above briefly appeared ...

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A (slightly) new look for MobileMe

When I logged into MobileMe this morning, I noticed that my iDisk icon looked a bit different ... it now resembles the one representing the forthcoming iDisk app for the iPhone. It's not the only visual tweak to MobileMe. The Settings icon has received a refresh, and Mail has been changed to look mo...

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MobileMe Control Panel for Windows updated

We assume that there are a few of you who have got Windows machines with MobileMe access in place. If so, you'll be pleased to know that version 1.3 of the Control Panel is now ready. As you know, this control panel allows Windows users to synchronize MobileMe services and iDisk. According to Apple,...

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MobileMe renewal: Yes or no?

Earlier this week, I noticed that the calendars on my Mac and my iPhone weren't in sync. "More MobileMe nonsense," I thought. However, I soon found the culprit, and it wasn't MobileMe acting wonky. My account had expired, and I was within the 15 day grace period. I saw the "Renew" button and reached...

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Easy file transfer may be finally coming to MobileMe

It hasn't been all roses for MobileMe. After a rocky start in 2008 things have started to settle down in MobileMe land, and it appears that Apple is about to add at least one feature that was promised when the service rolled out. Loyal TUAW reader Dave has noticed a little change on the Apple Mobil...

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Apple updates MobileMe web apps

Apple released details of updates to MobileMe services for the web. It's the second time this month Apple has noted service updates for MobileMe. For Contacts, searching in large address books has been improved, along with better vCard-Address Book integration. You can also press Shift + Control + ...

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Saying "goodbye" to .Mac

Tonight, we will all say "goodbye" to .Mac, a service that has been a small part of Apple for almost 8 years. iTools, .Mac's predecessor, was launched on January 5, 2000 at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco and was a free service that included a HomePage, iCards and the much coveted e-mail...

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New .Mac iDisk sizes gobble up drive space for those who sync

When Steve Jobs announced a ten-fold leap in .Mac storage space, most of us were generally happy to hear it; I know I was. For those of us, including myself, who have been synching their iDisk to use it more or less as an online backup drive however, this good news had an unfortunate side effect in ...

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TUAW Automator App: Export NetNewsWire feeds

Not many people are familiar with how flexible and shareable your NetNewsWire / NewsGator subscriptions are, so I thought it was time to elaborate a little and play with Automator again. First on our sharing list: the ability to embed an automatically updating list of your NetNewsWire / NewsGator ...

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Macgourmet 2.1 is available

When we last looked at Macgourmet, they were wrapping up the beta phase of version 2. Today, the beta phase is over and version 2.1 has been released. If you're unfamiliar, Macgourmet is kind of like "iTunes for your recipes." You can store recipes, sure, but Macgourmet also lets you publish to your...

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Rumor: Apple to increase .Mac, iDisk storage to 30GB at Macworld

MacDailyNews uncovered a digg post that contains some interesting video 'proof' that Apple could soon update the storage size of their .Mac and iDisk storage space to a whopping 30GB. Granted, we all know how easily stuff like this can be faked these days, but the video demonstrates mounting a u...

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