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iGTD's Bartek Bargiel joins Cultured Code, Things 1.2 hits the streets

I have very fond memories of iGTD, and of its sole developer, Bartek Bargiel. The much-anticipated iGTD2 never really reached fruition, much to our dismay. There are a good number of people still using iGTD and iGTD2 today, even after development ceased quite some time ago, and I'd wager that anyo...

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iGTD2 showing promise

You may recall iGTD, which we covered last year. Up until some Leopard difficulties forced me to start flailing between not-quite-ready GTD applications, I was a loyal user. And yes, those Leopard difficulties could have been solved, but the author had his hands full with reincarnating iGTD -- as iG...

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iGTD released with new Quick Add features, multiple Dock badges, more

Yep, it's that time again boys and girls: Bartlomiej Bargiel has updated iGTD with yet another unassuming point release that heralds some great new features. While you can simply run the Check for Updates command from the application menu to see the big list o' changes, here are some of the highl...

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iGTD Pro details, Inbox Widget released

Bartlomiej Bargiel has been hard at work on iGTD, his incredibly powerful task task manager based on David Allen's Getting Things Done philosophy, and has recently unleashed news on what he has in store for iGTD Pro. As a matter of fact, iGTD will be split into three versions: iGTD Basic (the one...

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iPhoneiGTD: View your iGTD tasks and projects on your iPhone

I first discovered iPhoneiGTD through Leaflets, another iPhone web app launcher we found, but I didn't dig into it until now. After tinkering around, I can say that I totally love this web portal for viewing the tasks and projects I'm tracking with iGTD, in my opinion the best GTD (Getting Things Do...

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Jott2iGTD: Use voicemail to add tasks to iGTD

As many of you know, iGTD is a killer task management app that can't stop bringing cool features to the table. As fewer of you might know, Brett Terpstra at the Circle Six Design blog also can't seem to stop bringing awesome tools and features to the table; he's responsible for stuff like the Fli...

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iGTD 1.4.5: Again with the landslide of new features

It's official: I am developing my own version system to keep track of iGTD updates, because this 1.x.x thing is just not right. The way I see it, this new iGTD v1.4.5 should really be called v3.5, what with yet another batch of major new features being introduced. Included in this update is F-key...

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iGTD 1.4.4 update brings, uh, way too many new features

Something tells me the crew who writes iGTD (fortunately) never really grasped how application version systems work (for the record: I say this with the warmest of intentions; iGTD is the first GTD-based app that I really 'get' and use). Typically, a company releases a 1.0, follows up with a few ...

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MailTags and iGTD unite features in the name of productivity and discounts

A recent update to iGTD brought some significant enhancements, one of which is very, very rich integration with Scott Morrison's MailTags 2.0. With v1.4.3, iGTD can process most of the MailTags 2 information attached to an Apple Mail message. For example: keywords in MailTags prefixed with @ will ge...

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iGTD - yet another powerful, integrated GTD app

I know, I know - we've been blogging so many GTD apps lately that you probably needed to create a new task list just to look through them and make a decision. iGTD, however, packs one heckuva punch, so I thought it would be worth mentioning. While it includes all the typical features one probably ...

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