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Ikea releases Apple parody 'Bookbook' ad

Ikea is the latest company to create a commercial inspired by Apple's sometimes over-the-top product advertisements. The clever parody ad introduces the company's new 2015 catalog, dubbed the "Bookbook," which features support for multiple users, bookmarking and more. [Via Time] ...

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IKEA allows you to virtually furnish your room through augmented reality

IKEA has released the 2014 version of its catalog app with a cool new feature. It lets users virtually furnish their rooms using augmented reality. Shoppers get started by scanning one of the 90 AR-enabled product pages in the IKEA print catalog with the digital IKEA Catalog app. They then place ...

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Apple and IKEA, two similar retail stories

There's a fascinating writeup over at Asymco about Apple's retail strategy as compared with another very popular retail chain: IKEA. On the surface, the two brands seem dissimilar. One is a popular computer maker turned mobile device innovator, while the other is a simple and low-cost furniture...

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Rack your Xserve RAID with Ikea furniture

I just spent a good chunk of my morning wrestling with rack equipment, so I really apprecitate Fraser Speirs Ikea 'rack' for his Xserve RAID. He does point out that the Xserve RAID is loud, but not as loud as he thought it would be. I'm really tempted to try this myself, but sadly my budget is all ...

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Rig of the Day: Holy iMac, Batman

Yesterday the Rig of the Day spent the holiday with his family, but he is back and ready to go. Today's rig stood out in the TUAW pool, as if it were in a spotlight of some kind. It is simply an iMac (with a keyboard and mouse tucked under the desk) with a little dramatic lighting thanks to $50 and...

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