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Apple updates Apple Store app with software pre-install options

Apple's Apple Store app for the iPhone was recently updated with a new feature that'll let customers order a new Mac with the iWork applications pre-installed. New Macs usually ship with the iLife suite of apps installed for free, but now customers using their iPhone to make a purchase can choo...

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Apple releases iWork, iPhoto, Safari, Aperture, iMovie updates

Apple has released updates to iWork, iPhoto and Safari, each offering compatibility with Mountain Lion, which shipped today (our review). The iWork suite (Pages, Keynote and Numbers) now offers iCloud & Retina MacBook Pro support. iCloud support will let users begin working on one device, st...

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Apple to offer filmmaker workshops for Tribeca Film Festival

Filmmakers in New York will want to be sure to stop by the West 14th Street and Soho Apple stores beginning April 20th through April 28th. The company is offering a series of filmmaking talks and workshops at the two locations in honor of the Tribeca Film Festival. The Apple Store, West 14...

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iPhoto for iOS hits one million users

Apple told Jim Dalrymple of The Loop that iPhoto for the iPad and iPhone reached one million users within ten days of the launch. Dalrymple points out that these are actual users, not downloads, which could be inflated by one person downloading copies to multiple devices. If you're interested i...

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Hands-on with iPhoto for iOS

Apple has released iPhoto for iOS, a $4.99 version of the consumer-grade Mac photo management app. While the Apple marketing gears it toward the iPad, it can definitely be used on the iPhone. This completes Apple's porting of the iLife apps to its mobile platforms, and it's arguably one of the str...

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Apple discontinues most boxed software

Considering that the Lion release today (which has gone swimmingly) was a vote of confidence, Apple has moved to get most of its boxed software out of the Apple Store completely, sending a notice out to retailers to discontinue titles like iWork '09, iLife '11, Aperture 3, and most of GarageBan...

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iLife updates add full-screen Lion support, change iPhoto UI elements to match Lion

Today's earlier iLife updates are a sign that Lion is set to drop any day now. Not only do the updates add full-screen support to the iLife apps under the latest Lion Developer Preview release, they also tweak some UI elements of iPhoto to match the upcoming UI Finder elements found in OS X 10....

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Rumor: Steve Jobs says iWeb and MobileMe hosting are going away

Those of us with a vested interest in iWeb have been perplexed by the lack of interest shown by Apple in the former iLife web design app. Couple this with the pending demise of MobileMe on June 30, 2012, and that confusion turns into concern. MacRumors featured a post a few hours ago about an iWe...

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Buy individual iWork, iLife apps from the Mac App Store

Apple's iWork suite is a nice collection, but some users don't need all three apps. Fortunately, the Mac App Store lets you pick and choose between iWork and iLife apps. Starting today, you can buy and install only the apps you want for US$20 each. For iWork customers, that means Pages, Numbers and...

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iPhoto 101: How to delete photos

Whether your Mac contains a mechanical hard drive or an SSD, everyone needs more space. We're all used to dumping Finder's trash frequently to reclaim drive space, but what some of you might not know is that when you delete pictures from iPhoto, they remain on your computer since iPhoto has its o...

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Apple pushes out yet another iPhoto '11 update

Following an update last week to fix data loss and corruption, this latest bug fix adds some additional print product options and fixes what Apple calls "overall stability and addresses a number of other minor issues." The 9.1 update gives users photo calendars back, and adds some holiday card opti...

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Review: GarageBand '11 is worth diving into

iLife '11 has a lot of goodies, but none impressed me more than GarageBand's new capabilities (although I am pretty enthralled with some of the new iMovie features). GarageBand has taken another step toward being a "prosumer" music-recording solution, while still maintaining its roots as a simple, d...

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Apple releases update to fix iPhoto '11 bugs

Apple has released iPhoto 9.0.1 via Software Update. The update addresses issues that, in extremely rare cases, could result in data loss when upgrading a library from an earlier version of iPhoto. Indeed, many of our readers have complained of such issues and our own Mel Martin wrote about them in ...

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Review: iPhoto '11 is a very mixed bag

When iLife '11 was announced, I was quite excited to hear there was an update to iPhoto, and even more surprised to learn my local Apple Store had the software in stock the day after the "Back to the Mac" event. The feature list for the latest version of iPhoto is impressive, and since I do so much...

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iLife, iWork apps to sell individually in Mac App Store

It seems that Apple will sell its iWork and iLife apps individually through the forthcoming Mac App Store. Some keen-eyed observers noticed hints during this week's demonstration, ElectricPig reports. During the demo, you could clearly see GarageBand, iMovie and iPhoto icons among the available a...

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