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Tag: ilife08

Apple posts iLife '08 tutorials

Sure, it isn't a 30 day demo, but these iLife '08 tutorials give you a very nice overview of what the various apps can and can't do (and how they do and don't do 'em). The short videos are very task oriented, as you would expect with tutorials, and best of all they are free. Check them out, and see ...

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Apple eager to let you know about iLife '08

Apple, it would seem, is eager to let you know about iLife '08. Several readers have emailed us, and I just experienced for myself, this lovely message that greats you when you fire up an app from iLife '06. I launched iPhoto 6 to make sure a feature I was blogging about wasn't in it (look for that...

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Video of Apple's press event is online

As usual, Apple have posted the video of today's press event for all to see. Marvel at the new iMac, iLife '08, iWork...and count the number of times Steve says, "Boom!" I know I've been eager to see those apps in action, but the demo videos have been getting slammed all day. Perhaps this will be be...

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Garageband '08

As you may have seen, Apple released iLife '08 (so long, 2007!) earlier today. This post will examine GarageBand '08. Most interesting to me is Magic GarageBand. It's a quick way to set up a rhythm section (drums, bass and guitar) to play a simple chord progression while you play on top. Work out ne...

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iLife '08 Hardware Up-To-Date offer

Let's say you bought a Mac... oh, I don't know, earlier today. iLife '06 was the hotness. You were going along happily putting up photocasts, and making podcasts with Garageband. Then Steve Jobs strikes! iLife '08 is announced and iLife '06 suddenly looks... boring. Well, thanks to the iLife '08 Har...

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iLife '08 guided tour

I'm really digging these new guided tour videos that Apple seems to be fond of. First it was a series for the iPhone, and now we have a Guided Tour of iLife '08. You can watch it online or download it to your machine (and watch it full screen). The 20 minute video gives you the highlights of the iL...

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iLife '08

Today, Steve Jobs announced iLife '08. The newly refreshed software, which includes iPhoto, iMovie, iWeb, iDVD and GarageBand, was described by Jobs as totally new, and the "biggest jump since we introduced it". It will sell for $79. iPhoto '08 iPhoto '08 adds a new way of thinking about your photo ...

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