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iLounge announces iPhone contest

How'd you like to be the first one on your block to own an iPhone? Now imagine getting that iPhone for free. It could happen if you win iLounge's new wallpaper contest. The rules are simple: Create a high-resolution desktop picture featuring any current iPod model and the iLounge logo. The iLounge e...

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iLounge on the new Shuffles

I haven't even seen one of the new iPod Shuffles in the wild, but our friends at iLounge already have all 5 types. They posted a nice photo gallery giving you all the details about what comes in the box (mostly unchanged) as well as listing 5 key facts about the new shuffles. The biggest news, othe...

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TUAW Video: Interview with iLounge's Jeremy Horwitz

We sat down with iLounge's Editor-in-chief Jeremy Horwitz today and talking about the iPhone, iPod accessories, earphones and more. Give it a watch and I bet you'll learn something....

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iLounge posts their Best of Show 2007

Our friends at iLounge have been pounding the show floor looking for the best stuff out there. As usual, they have produced their famous 'Best of Show 2007' awards, and the list up for you to marvel at. The iPhone, of course, made the list but check out the iPod accessories you'll find. Jeremy and ...

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Dress up your Shuffle with Shufflesome

The second gen iPod Shuffle is looks pretty good in its nature state, but some folks like to differentiate their gear from the rest of the pack. Shufflesome offers a variety of stickers for your Shuffle (both first and second gen Shuffles can be dressed up with Shufflesome stickers). They have a w...

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Apple releases game cheat codes

Oh Apple. You bad, bad company. Instead of making your customers work to excel at iPod games, you go ahead and release cheat codes? Tsk, tsk, tsk. iLounge has an amazingly wrong and unethical article up today, that we at TUAW highly recommend you avoid because none of you are cheaters. And none of ...

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The iLounge 2007 iPod Buyers' Guide

Our friends over at iLounge have just released their 2007 iPod Buyers Guide and it's the biggest one yet, weighing in at 180 pages. If you're thinking of buying anything iPod related at all for the holidays, this is the guide to read before you spend your hard earned cash. The guide includes more th...

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iLounge unveils iPod Storage Calculator

Apple offers their own advertising-friendly estimation of how many songs each model of iPod can hold, but those numbers are based on fairly unrealistic standards of 128Kbps AAC songs that are a mere 4 minutes long. Toss in a few tracks from Phish or Beethoven's 5th, and you can easily hurl this song...

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iLounge reviews all iPod games currently available

Our iPod loving friends at iLounge are getting their game on (was that as painful to read as it was to write?). They have reviewed each and every iPod game that is currently available from the iTunes Store. Mahjong does the best with a score of A- while Pac-Mac gets a D+. Check out all the reviews, ...

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Apple trying to keep iPod nano chip manufacturers a secret?

I should have noted this when we found iLounge's 2G iPod nano dissection gallery, but it seems that Apple has (strangely) opted to take a step towards keeping their new iPod chip manufacturer's identity under wraps (strange because we already knew Samsung won PortalPlayer's old contract). As iLoung...

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iLounge interviews, um, everyone about new iPods

Ok, maybe not 'everyone,' but they certainly made the rounds to a healthy portion of companies who have just about anything to do with the iPod. iLounge asked for general reactions of the new products from the likes of Griffin, Altec Lansing, Pacific Rim, Targus, TechRestore and even the Chief iPodi...

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iLounge dissects 2G iPod nano, posts gory details

Why, iLounge, why? The 2G iPod nano was announced barely two days ago. It still had its entire product cycle ahead of it! So young, so innocent.. and apparently so ripe for the dismantling. The gurus of all things iPod have dissected what looks like a silver 2G iPod nano (though I'm not sure whethe...

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iLounge releases The Free iPod Book 2.2

Those iPod-obsessed kids over at iLounge have updated their Free iPod Book to version 2.2 (yes, books can have version point updates too). Four all-new sections are included in this updated version: Nike + iPod Sport Kit Troubleshooting Your iPod U2 iPod + iPod Pack-Ins Backstage at iLo...

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iLounge unboxes the Nike + iPod Sport Kit

iLounge has unboxed the Nike + iPod Sport Kit and decided to go full-on with pictures of everything, including some iPod-infused Nike apparel and screenshots of how exactly the software in the iPod nano works. While we've already seen some pics of the software, iLounge posted more images that revea...

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iLounge launches 'Blog the Book' contest

We like iLounge and you like to win stuff, so it is a no brainer to tell you about iLounge's Blog the Book contest. As previously mentioned, iLounge has made available their free iPod Book 2.0. Who what's the contest? Simply put one of their graphics, promoting the book, on your blog and you may win...

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