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The iLamp G4

This is seriously one of the most creative uses of old Mac components that I've ever seen. I'm not sure a high-temp bulb next to that white plastic is a great idea, but I suppose if it melts that's just part of its charm. [Photo credit: Photo Giddy]...

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Flickr Find: Even Stormtroopers prefer a Mac

You would think that, with his villainous personality, Darth Vader would force his stormtroopers to use Windows machines to keep them in a constant state of frustration. Instead, the Dark Lord allows at least one Empire soldier access to a lovely array of Macs. I bet all his trooper buddies...

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Save a few bucks by turning your Mac off or letting it sleep

When it comes to saving energy, I think I do pretty well. My wife and I both drive high-MPG vehicles, we keep our thermostat at a relatively chilly 62°F during the daytime hours in winter, and we don't have air conditioning in our home. We shut off lights when they're not needed, and all of...

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This is why he gets more work done at the coffee shop than you do

Venti? Grande? 27" iMac? We're surprised he didn't route an old ADB keyboard into it because that would have been badass. (And...previously on "bringing your office with you") Via @shanezilla. ...

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You came to the wrong neighborhood, Windows user

There's something a bit menacing about the ways these vintage Macs have gathered, like they're just waiting for an unsuspecting Windows XP user to walk by and get roughed up. [Photo credit: Peter Baldes]...

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Steve Jobs on mouse design and how the Apple Pro Mouse was conceived by happenstance

Though Apple popularized the mouse when it introduced the Mac in 1984, the company hasn't always been a bastion of popular, or even elegant, mouse design. For instance, Apple's hockey puck mouse, originally introduced with the Bondi Blue iMac, is a perfect example of utilitarian design gone astray....

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Caturday: Mater surveys his domain

For cats, Macs are devices to keep warm next to. Bryn Behrenshausen's lovely cat Mater has his choice of Apple products to cuddle up to, including a new Apple AirPort Express, an iPad, and an iMac. Bryn says, "My cat Mater stands watch over my Apple gear in our home office. He likes to sit by the...

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After ten years HP has an answer to the iMac

In 2006* 2004, Apple released the iMac G5. Its cutting edge, all-in-one design instantly resonated with users looking for a desktop that delivered equal parts power and space saving design. As the years have passed the iMac has continued to improve, becoming more powerful while slimming down even...

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These 3D displays are looking better every day

The depth. The realism. The cuddles. I've never seen anything like it. [Photo Credit: Karin Dalziel]...

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Apple's desktops overtake Dell as most sought-after PC for the holidays

Marketing research firm Parks Associates has released its annual survey of top consumer electronics that are planned for holiday purchases and, for the first time ever, Apple's desktops have overtaken Dell to be the most sought-after PCs for the holiday shopping season: "Apple topped the list of...

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Apple's online store now offering refurbished Late 2013 27" iMac models

Apple has begun offering the newest iMac models as refurbished units on its online store. Three models of the 27-inch iMac are available, including: 3.2GHz quad-core Intel Core i5 with 8 GB RAM, 1 TB hard drive and NVIDIA GeForce GT 755M graphics for US$1,529.00, a $270 savings versus new/list...

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Caturday: Let sleeping cats lie ... in front of the iMac

Yuki is a beautiful 2-year-old white cat whose name, appropriately enough, means "snow" in Japanese. Her human companion Glenn Smith often needs to get work done on this iMac, but Yuki has other ideas: I always look forward to the Caturday pictures on the weekend and thought it is time that I...

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Caturday: Pippin's iMac house

Some cats just hang out on the furniture provided by their owners, others have nice and cozy pet beds. Pippin, however, has one of the best cat domiciles we've seen so far -- a strawberry slot-loading iMac G3 that's been outfitted with some nice cushions. Pippin's owner, Ian Cobb, named his...

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This insane Slope iPad stand will win your heart

Techgasm. It happens when a product or products simply exceed your expectations. That's not a teeny iMac in the picture to the right. It's my iPad 2 resting on a new Slope iPad stand. The Slope, which comes in versions for both iPad and iPad mini, finished a successful Kickstarter campaign last...

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27" iMac display fault spurs class-action lawsuit

An Idaho man has filed a class-action lawsuit against over the failure of the display on his 27-inch iMac just 18 months after he bought it, reports GigaOm. Though the iMac was outside Apple's standard 12-month warranty when the display began having issues, the customer, Corbin Rasmussen, felt the...

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