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Photogene is a photo genius for your iPhone

In my recent review of AutoStitch I mentioned Photogene [App Store] which is kind of like a miniature Photoshop for the digital pictures you take on your iPhone. It has a boatload of functions, which will let you fix and enhance your digital images without having to offload them to another image edi...

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A Splash of color from Colorsplash

I'm continually amazed at the high end functionality being displayed by various photo apps for the iPhone/iPod touch. We've seen panorama creators, and image sharpeners, just to name two. A good example is ColorSplash [App Store link] a $1.99US app that brings some of the sophisticated controls you'...

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Pixelmator hits 1.0

Long-fabled image editor Pixelmator (arguably one of the hottest, and most discussed Mac applications of the year) has finally left beta testing, and version 1 is available to download and buy. Compatibility with layered Photoshop PSD files (and over 100 other file formats too), Core Image-driven ed...

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Quickly edit photos with Picturesque

Acqualia has released a new utility for quick-and-dirty image editing called Picturesque. It allows you to add those snazzy reflections that are all the rage these days, as well as crop, curve, glow effects and borders. It could be quite handy for when you want to quickly edit an image for the web, ...

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Resize photos within Mail

Here's a nifty tip from Apple that I was completely unaware of. Whenever I email a photo, I do so via iPhoto, which takes care of resizing for me. Apparently you can resize photos that you drop into Mail messages from the Finder just as easily. Once you've got the photo into the body of your messag...

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Beta Beat: ImageWell 3 updated to Version 3.0b5 - brings back old skool cropping

There's nothing more satisfying than knowing that someone is listening to you - and hearing you - when you're unhappy about something. Well, you spoke and the folks at XtraLean listened. When the ImageWell 3 beta was released in the wild a few days ago, the most common complaint was that image cropp...

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Preview for all your RAW needs

Preview.app is one of the most overlooked aspects of OS X (Keychain ranks up there too) but now the Digital Story is singing the praises of the RAW editing abilities of Preview. It turns out that not only can you open RAW files with Preview but you can do several color adjustments, convert it to oth...

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ImageWell goes universal

xtralean's ImageWell has gone universal. I can't say enough good things about this simple little application. In fact, every image I post to TUAW has been edited with ImageWell. If you need to do some quick-and-dirty image editing, like a resize, reshape, crop, stroke or watermark (basically any tas...

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