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Tag: imageediting

Daily iPad App: Photogene

Unlike many, I didn't buy the iPhone 4S for Siri. It's nice to have a voice assistant, but what I really wanted was the camera. I shoot a lot of photos throughout the day using my iPhone and have been looking for a good image editor to complement its camera. Now with PhotoStream, I am no longer...

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Daily Mac App: inPaint

I've used Photoshop for years, and recently upgraded to Photoshop CS5 mainly for one feature called Content-Aware Fill. It allows you to remove an element from an image, and the software very cleverly fills it in based on what is around the deleted object. It's quite amazing to use, and I'm often...

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Pixelmator releases ... an iPhone game called Flapcraft

I am a big fan of Pixelmator, the excellent image editor for the Mac, and was surprised to see that team's latest project: an iOS game called called Flapcraft, which hit the App Store today. Not surprisingly, the team used Pixelmator to create the game's look. What a clever way to show off your...

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Luminance app for iOS has some pro features for image editing

The iPhone and iPad have really pushed developers to have more and better features for editing photos on mobile devices. I've used and been impressed with apps like Photoforge, PhotoStudio, PhotoWizard and more. Today I've been using and testing Luminance, which adds some clever functions for s...

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Pixelmator 2.0 announced, coming to Mac App Store later this summer

Today, the Pixelmator team provided a peek at the next version of their namesake image editing tool. With the code name of Chameleon, Pixelmator 2.0 is a major upgrade that is expected to ship later in the summer of 2011. Anyone who has already purchased the app via the Mac App Store for US$29 ...

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FX Photo Studio now for Mac OS X

I took a look at FX Photo Studio on the iPad earlier this year and gave it a positive review. Now the app has migrated to the Mac App Store, so that users who want to work on a desktop or laptop Mac can modify, adjust and remake their images using similar tools to the iOS versions. I've been us...

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Plasq brings Comic Life to the iPad

Comic Life, the popular Mac application that takes your photos and lets you turn them into a comic book, is now available on the iPad. The iPad version launched late last week and includes several features of its desktop counterpart, including templates, balloon controls and social network inte...

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Skitch leaps out of beta, 1.0 available now

Since it debuted in beta form at Macworld Expo in 2007, Skitch has become a favorite Mac utility for many, many people. It's great at grabbing screenshots, adding annotations and notes, and sharing them on, Flickr, or even your own server. We've waited three years for a 1.0 rele...

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Adobe's Premiere Elements now available for Mac

Adobe has released Premiere Elements for the Mac. Premiere Elements is Adobe's consumer-level image and video editing software, and this is the first time a Mac version has been released. This release -- version 9 -- offers some pretty cool features, like optimized editing of HD video and those n...

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Using iWork as an image editor

I recently noted the image-editing functionality of, which can act as a "good enough" image editor for many that don't have access to Photoshop. While it's difficult to argue with the free price tag, Preview is not without its limitations. Fortunately, many of these limitations are unloc...

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Making the most of for image editing

Inspired by Bear Grylls's (of Discovery's Man vs. Wild) "make the most out of your situation" scenarios, I present you with a tutorial for making the most out of While not as powerful as graphics editing powerhouse Adobe Photoshop, Preview can oftentimes get you from Point A to Point B ...

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Pixelmator hits 1.0

Long-fabled image editor Pixelmator (arguably one of the hottest, and most discussed Mac applications of the year) has finally left beta testing, and version 1 is available to download and buy. Compatibility with layered Photoshop PSD files (and over 100 other file formats too), Core Image-driven ed...

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Quickly edit photos with Picturesque

Acqualia has released a new utility for quick-and-dirty image editing called Picturesque. It allows you to add those snazzy reflections that are all the rage these days, as well as crop, curve, glow effects and borders. It could be quite handy for when you want to quickly edit an image for the web, ...

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Resize photos within Mail

Here's a nifty tip from Apple that I was completely unaware of. Whenever I email a photo, I do so via iPhoto, which takes care of resizing for me. Apparently you can resize photos that you drop into Mail messages from the Finder just as easily. Once you've got the photo into the body of your messag...

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Beta Beat: ImageWell 3 updated to Version 3.0b5 - brings back old skool cropping

There's nothing more satisfying than knowing that someone is listening to you - and hearing you - when you're unhappy about something. Well, you spoke and the folks at XtraLean listened. When the ImageWell 3 beta was released in the wild a few days ago, the most common complaint was that image cropp...

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