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Adobe Photoshop Touch brings the flagship retouching app to the iPad 2

Adobe has finally gone and done it. An iPad version of Photoshop called Adobe Photoshop Touch is out for the iPad via the App Store. It's tremendously impressive and to a lesser degree a bit frustrating. Let's start with the good stuff, because there's plenty of it. Getting a sophisticated photo a...

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Daily Mac App: Image Bucket

You don't realize how important batch processing is until you are faced with 50 photos that need to be resized from 3872 x 2592 to 640 x 480. Processing each photo one-by-one in an image editing app would take an hour. Instead of wasting your time with such a tedious task, you can turn to an ap...

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Google's Photovine goes live with its photo sharing app

Photovine is Google's latest iOS app and it's best described as a photo-sharing app with a public twist. Unlike Instagram which lets you share your stylized mobile photos with your friends and followers, Photovine ditches the filters and has a much more public slant. You publish your photo wi...

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OS X Lion wallpaper missing a few astronomical bodies

Just like the default iPad wallpaper comes from a real lake called Pyramid Lake (which is supposed to be in Nevada, though I'm sure I pass signs for it every time I drive up to San Fran from here in LA), so too is the default Lion wallpaper based on a real picture of a real galaxy, specifically...

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Share your iPhone photos to Google + with Piconhand

iOS owners using Google+ are in limbo until Apple approves the official Google+ application. Users can view their stream and send updates using Safari mobile, but they cannot upload photos via this web interface. Thanks to the tight integration between Google's online services, Google+ users ca...

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Ronald Reagan library adds 250 iPod touch tour guides

Ronald Reagan would have celebrated his 100th birthday this past week, and the Presidential Library that bears his name has been updated with a US$15 million renovation. The Library has a variety of new exhibits and new technology, including 180 video screens, two teleprompters, a green screen and ...

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ClearCam goes legit, will increase image resolution at a price

ClearCam has been around for a while, and I first took a look at it more than a year ago. It was a clever app that had two modes. One mode took a series of four pictures in rapid succession, and then it saved the best and sharpest one in your photo library; the other mode took six images together an...

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Highest-resolution Earth photo looks familiar for a reason

Last month, Gizmodo posted an incredible image from NASA: The most accurate, highest-resolution photo of Earth taken to date. It's stunning, in all of its 2048 x 2048 pixel glory. In fact, there are two images: One showing the Americas and one showing Europe. Both make a great desktop image. They...

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Add some color to somebody's holiday with a coloring book

What better way to add some color to someone's holiday than with a coloring book? With Kalle Svenson's Colorize your photos, converting your existing photos into ones with a coloring book effect is a simple drag and drop away. After dragging in your photos, you can make granular adjustments to the ...

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Apple's iTunes Affiliates site briefly subjected to image swaps

Our friends over at OS X Daily passed along their story noting that Apple's site for iTunes Affiliates was vulnerable to a cross-site URL trick, letting you substitute your own images for the ones normally displayed on the page. Since the site is intended to let websites display a custom top banner,...

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Fix iPhone's Camera Roll display bug

Last night I was grabbing screenshots with my iPhone that I'll use in a forthcoming post. After snapping 4 or 5, I launched the camera app to look at them. I saw the preview thumbnail but when I clicked Camera Roll for a larger view, it appeared empty. I restarted the iPhone to no avail. I connecte...

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Terminal Tips: Change the location of snapped screenshots

Are you tired of all of those icons from screenshots you've taken cluttering up space on your desktop? If you would like them in a different place when you snap them, here's a command to change the location. Using the Terminal, enter the following command to change the location: defaults write com...

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iPhones pass the fireworks test: best of the reader-submitted 4th photos

Shooting photographs of fireworks can be a real challenge. The good shots happen quickly, cameras don't always get the focus right, and there is a lot of movement that can make for blurry pictures. The iPhone is not the best camera in the world for demanding photo jobs -- that's true for all cell ph...

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A free app for those who love art

It's true. I'm delighted to find free applications that stimulate and involve. The iPhone/iPod touch continues to open new vistas for those willing to explore the app store. If you love great art, then get thee to iTunes and download Love Art [App Store link] which is a tour of some of the great wor...

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Photoshop Phun: iPhone next-gen rumor pic roundup

Well! Our tips line has certainly been a beehive of activity with WWDC just around the corner. We've gotten several purported iPhone images, which range in quality from meh to ludicrous. Particularly interesting: the iPhone Blog's 16x9 widescreen model. As for availability of the rumored phone, Gear...

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