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Imangi surprises with Temple Run 2: interview with developer Keith Shepherd

Imangi Studios is one of our favorite game developers: Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova are a husband and wife team that have made some great titles for iOS, including Harbor Master, Max Adventure and the company's biggest hit, Temple Run. Since going freemium (and getting extraordinarily ...

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Daily iPhone App: Temple Run

The latest title from popular iOS developers Imangi Studios (creators of Harbor Master and Max Adventure) is called Temple Run, and was released to the App Store last week. We've watched the development of this one pretty closely -- I saw an early version of it at GDC, and we saw it again later...

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360iDev: Game Jam creations

Tuesday night at the 360iDev conference in San Jose, around 60 developers gathered in a room on the eBay campus around 8pm as security locked them in for the night (one developer joined the group via Skype -- that's him on the big screen above). Their goal? A game jam. Before 8am the next day, they...

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TUAW First Look: Hippo High Jump

There are beautiful games on App Store and there are fun games on App Store, and there are some games that are cool just because of the story that goes along with them. Hippo High Jump [iTunes link] falls into the categories of strikingly beautiful, somewhat fun, and great back story. The story go...

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