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iLife '11 Software Updates: GarageBand, iMovie

iLife '11 users -- fire up Software Update, as updates to GarageBand and iMovie have just appeared. The GarageBand update to version 6.0.1 weighs in at 42.7 MB in size, improves stability and: Fixes an issue related to undoing Flex Time edits Removes occasional latency that can occur on guitar...

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iMovie '11: The TUAW review

One of the more widely-used members of the iLife suite, iMovie, has been around for quite a while, although the original iMovie hit a dead end with iMovie HD 6 and was reborn as a completely new app as iMovie '08. It's now in version 9.0 as part of iLife '11, and this edition has both new features ...

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Timeline tweak returns iMovie '11 to old school

iMovie '11 makes it easy to regain the traditional horizontal timeline that was lost with iMovie '06, to the delight of many. When Apple released iMovie '08 in August of 2007, many users were upset by the decision to move the timeline from the bottom of the app's window to the upper left-hand cor...

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iMovie '11 Trailers feature won't let you spoof Universal trailers

Loyal tipster Tarik sent word that the iMovie '11 Trailers theme using a globe (very similar to the Universal Studios opener) won't allow you to use the word "Universal" in the title. He's currently testing other themes for similar censors, but it looks like Apple didn't want people spoofing Univers...

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iMovie '11 features audio editing overhaul, movie trailer creation

Steve Jobs said that the top feature request for iMovie was an overhaul of the audio editing. This is the highlight of the just-announced iMovie as part of iLife '11, with a new audio editing panel with the ability to add effects. Other features include: One-step effects with the ability to...

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