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RHA announces two new premium iOS-compatible earphones

RHA, the Glasgow-based makers of high-quality earphones and over-ear headphones, has added two new, premium earphone models to their in-ear line-up, the MA600i and MA750i (pictured above). TUAW's reviewed RHA's MA150 and MA450 earphones and the SA950i on-ear headphones in the past, and the result...

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id America's Metropolitan in-ear headphones offer comfort, great sound and a bargain price

I am not a fan of the Apple EarPods that come with the iPhone 5, so when id America sent a pair of their new Metropolitan In-Ear Headphones (US$29.95) I was eager to give them a try. My main complaint with the EarPods is that they refuse to stay in my ears, preferring instead to pop out at in...

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TUAW Giveaway: Win a set of RHA MA450i in-ear headpones

We've teamed up with RHA, the Glasgow-based audio company who creates and manufactures fantastic, high-quality audio gear, to give away a wonderful set of MA450i noise-isolating in-ear headphones, worth US$49.95. Utilizing RHA's own aerophonics design, the MA450i are machined out of solid alumini...

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Apple finally offers in-ear headphones for sale

We were recently wondering what happened to the in-ear headphones that Apple promised way back in September. Today, we're happy to see that the online Apple Store is finally offering them for sale with free shipping and delivery listed as 7-10 days. These headphones promise to be of higher quality ...

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Ahem... where's the new In-Ear Headphones, Apple?

Some of you might remember the music event in September. Not only did Steve Jobs give us new iPods, but he also promised that Apple would be releasing new in-ear headphones in October. If anyone hasn't noticed, it's now mid-November, and there's no sign of the new headphones anywhere. Has Apple ...

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Apple announces two new sets of headphones

Another interesting detail released in the excitement of the Let's Rock event: Apple's announcement of two new sets of headphones designed for the new iPods and their voice notes recording feature. The first set is similar the the present iPhone headset with a main button for play/plause and skippin...

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