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Incipio's offGRID 4,000 mAh Capacity backup battery is a life-saving travel companion

In the last decade, cellphones and tablets have gone from important, but simple communication devices to replacing computers, cameras, radios and more. As this winter's unpredictable weather has shown us, we never know when the ability to charge our phones will be stolen cruelly by God or poor cit...

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Incipio's f80 Hi-Fi Stereo Earbuds keep you knee-deep in clear sound for a budget price

For most Apple users, the standard EarPods that come with your iPhone or iPod are a perfectly serviceable music/podcast delivery system. That is until they get misplaced, leaving you walking around on the streets actually interacting with society without the warm embrace of music around you. Event...

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The Incipio Atlas ID is super protective, but it hates your thumb and it's not crazy about you, either

I should start out by saying that I've always really liked Incipio's iPhone cases. Of all the cases I've used since the iPhone 3G -- and there have been dozens -- Incipio's accessories are one of the few brands that have never fallen apart on me. Incipio also holds the honor of making the only cas...

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Roundup of announced iPad mini accessories (updated)

Along with today's debut of the iPad mini came a tidal wave of accessory announcements for the littlest iPad. Here's a roundup of several of those new products. Update - 10/24/12 10 AM ET: Added Dicota Protective Covers at the bottom of this post X-Doria X-Doria actually pinged us before ...

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Review and giveaway: Incipio Lexington and Slim Kickstand cases for the new iPad

Another pair of nice looking and affordable cases for the new iPad arrived at the TUAW Labs a few days ago, the Lexington (US$39.99) and Slim Kickstand ($39.99) from accessory manufacturer Incipio. Both offer full protection for your third-generation iPad and have a micro-suede lining to keep t...

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Incipio shows off licensed, interchangeable, and battery charger cases at CES

Incipio had a nice booth on the show floor at CES this year, and kindly showed TUAW some of its new offerings in the world of iPhone cases and spare batteries. The latest and greatest news from Incipio is licensed cases -- the company has secured licenses to print cases with art from Magic: The...

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iPad 2 Smart Cover-compatible cases: our roundup (Updated)

Apple's Smart Cover is a great, versatile screen cover for your iPad 2. It allows you to stand your tablet up, prop it up for typing in landscape and more; it even turns the iPad off automatically when you close it. But it leaves the back of the iPad 2 exposed, and as beautiful as it is, that m...

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Apple spawns new accessory line: nano watch straps

The success of the iPods, iPhone and iPad have been a boon for Apple and accessory makers. Shortly after each product's introduction, a small but highly competitive cottage industry of cases, sleeves, stands and so on emerges. Now, the new iPod nano's unique design has many manufacturers thinking th...

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Review: Incipio Lloyd iPod nano microphone

Have you ever forgotten something, or said "I wish I had recorded that?" If you have an iPod nano and the Lloyd microphone, you will be able to instantly record anything. A while back we mentioned that the Incipio Lloyd microphone had begun shipping. Well, I was able to snag one for review purposes ...

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First iPhone case in the wild

Some companies don't waste any time. A reader spotted this Incipio case for iPhone on Amazon. The main Incipio site doesn't show it yet, but since buying a case now for a phone you can't have until June makes the kind of sense that's no sense at all, we can cut them a little slack for the slow upda...

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