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Tag: independence day

TUAW Talkcast: Exploding Edition!

Ka-booooom! Ka-blammmmm! OOOOOH! AAAAAAAAH! Our US readers were probably treated to the first two, and said the last two during fireworks shows held coast-to-coast (and of course in Hawaii and Alaska as well!) on Independence Day. Tonight on the TUAW Talkcast we're sadly marking the end of the holi...

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The PowerBook 5300: The laptop that halted an alien invasion

In August of 1995, Apple launched a computer that would change the fate of the world: the PowerBook 5300. This 5.9lb fusion of black polycarbonate and capacitors had a modest debut, but little did anyone know that less than a year later, on July 4th 1996, it would save the world. It was on that f...

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Celebrate Independence Day with a special iPhone case

If you like to display your patriotism, you'll be happy to know that Apple plans to carry red, white and blue iPhone cases, including an American flag case starting next week. According to Mark Gurnan at 9to5Mac, select Apple stores will carry a choice of four polycarbonate cases with "ultra high ...

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TUAW wishes you...

...a glorious 4th. Photo by Bob Jagendorf / flickr / CC...

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Five app ideas for the Fourth of July

Whether you're just hanging around your back yard, going to the beach, or waiting to set off a huge cache of fireworks, there are always a lot of fun things to do over the Independence Day holiday in the U.S. Here are some apps that can help you enjoy the fun during the holiday. Grilling: Weber'...

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