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Apple hit number two in India's smartphone market

IDC has released new numbers for India's smartphone market share and the results are very good for Apple. In Q4 2012 Apple controlled 15.2 percent of India's market, putting them in second place behind Samsung who has 38.8 percent of the market. The second place position is huge for Apple as ...

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Apple starts iPhone payment plans, makes retail deals to grow India's smartphone market

China is no longer an emerging market at this point. It's now the top market in the world for smartphones, and Apple has worked hard to get a foothold in early. So now that China is covered, where's Apple headed to next? India seems to be the answer, as Apple has slashed prices and implemented ...

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Apple TV launches in India

It's been a year since Apple updated its "hobby" product, the Apple TV, but for fans in India the little black box has just appeared in the online store. The Apple TV sells for Rs. 7900, or about US$145.50, a premium of almost 50 percent over the pricing in the US. Users in India can currentl...

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Apple sees huge growth in India, but trails behind competitors

TechCrunch reports that Apple has seen a huge gain in sales in India -- up to 400 percent -- in July through September 2012, but still has a long way to go compared to its competitors in the region. According to the research firm IDC (based on figures collated from that time period), Apple is...

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Gameloft announces 27% boost in earnings in 2012, 56% of sales from back catalog

Developer Gameloft has announced its earnings for the last quarter, and they're up. The company even beat out its own guidance, ending 2012 with a 27 percent boost in earnings on the year in total, up to $275 million. I would have thought much of that was from the major Christmas sales that we ...

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Daily Update for November 6, 2012

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requi...

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iPhone 5 supply runs short in India

The iPhone 5 officially launched in India last Friday, and just a day later, stores were selling out of their stock. Don't get too excited. Indian sources note only about 15,000 phones were made available for that market, so a sellout isn't too surprising. There were about 100,000 phones made a...

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Talking to Siri: India local search hacks (With bonus NZ goodness)

If you live in India and ask Siri to find you a restaurant, you may be disappointed. Siri isn't set up to provide local business searches in non-supported locales. Here's what normally happens in this case. Siri replies, "Sorry, I can't look for restaurants in India." Today, Claudia Ramirez o...

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New iPad arrives in India, eight other countries today

Apple began selling the new iPad today in an additional nine countries, including India. The other countries include Colombia, Estonia, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, South Africa and Thailand. With today's rollout the new iPad is now available in 56 countries around the world -- the fa...

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Apple's opportunity to expand retail into India

The Wall Street Journal's Livemint blog reports that Apple may be considering opening up retail operations in India as soon as it possibly can, following a new governmental ruling in that country that foreign companies can indeed open and own retail stores. Apple's been poking around India for a w...

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The high price of the iPhone 4S in India

The iPhone 4S is set to go on sale in India in just five days, but its recently-announced price has some Indian customers fuming. While prices for Apple devices in India have always been higher than in the US, iPhone fans aren't happy that the 16 GB iPhone 4S will cost a whopping Rs 44,500 (US$...

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iPhone 4S to launch in India on November 25

Airtel and Aircel, two rival wireless carriers in India, are poised to launch the iPhone 4S later this month. According to The Times of India report, Airtel has confirmed it will begin to sell the iPhone 4S starting on November 25 at midnight. Pre-orders will begin on the carrier's website star...

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Apple will reportedly re-launch unlocked iPhone 3GS in India

Indian website IT Pro says it's heard from Apple that the company will be relaunching the iPhone 3GS in an unlocked model to keep up with Indian demand for an Apple handheld. Back when the 3GS was first introduced in India, it was only available through a few carriers. Now, demand for iPhones i...

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iPhone 4 to arrive in India on May 27

TUAW readers in India waiting for the iPhone 4 to show up only need to wait two more days. Indian mobile carrier Airtel has been taking pre-registrations for the iPhone 4 since earlier this month, but now competitor Aircel is going to hit the market first. Aircel is launching the iPhone 4 on ...

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iPad 2's Japan, India release draws big crowds

Apple's iPad 2 made its official debut in Japan on Thursday along the white iPhone 4. The second generation tablet debuted for 44,800 yen (US$500) and was available from Apple Stores and the wireless carrier Softbank Mobile. Apple has a good week in the Asian-Pacific region. The iPhone 4 flew...

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