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Tag: indiegogo

Lightercase lights your smokes, protects your iPhone

We have a policy of not writing about crowdfunded projects until they're either at or within touching distance of their goal, and the unique Lightercase (US$38 pre-order) certainly fits that criteria. It's currently about $1,200 away from a $25,000 goal with three weeks to go, and it looks like...

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EverDock Kickstarter universal dock blasts by funding goal, looks great

With rare exceptions, I prefer not to write about Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects until there's a good possibility that the project will be funded. In the case of a new, truly universal dock created by Utah-based FŪZdesigns called the EverDock, the project is not only well past its funding...

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Stay hydrated with the BluFit smart water bottle and app

Yes, you read that headline correctly. A startup is taking pre-orders for the BluFit water bottle (US$59) and you'll never need to guess how many ounces or liters of water you've sucked down during the day. This latest innovation in the world of connected fitness tools is currently grabbing...

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New book highlighting Hurricane Sandy to feature only iPhone photos

Yes, the iPhone can take serious photographs. An upcoming book, #Sandy shows the destruction and hardship Hurricane Sandy brought to the East Coast of the US last year, and all the photos were taken by iPhones. The hardbound book has about 100 images by photographers Benjamin Lowy, Stephen...

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No comment: 'Let's build a statue of Steve Jobs'

OK, so I lied. I am going to make a comment: this is one of the most inane crowdfunding projects ever. A group is seeking US$50,000 on Indiegogo to build a statue of Steve Jobs to be located "somewhere in the Bay Area." That $50K figure is based on a life-sized statue of El Jobso, but the people...

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iOS-integrated BTLE Wimoto 'motes' offer mobile-ready sensor utility

Here are some cool little devices! Wimoto Motes are tiny sensors, just about an inch to a side, that monitor the environment and broadcast information using iOS-ready Bluetooth Low Energy. Ranging from moisture, temperature and humidity sensing to infrared and motion triggers, the Motes offer...

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Flipside controller tries again, thanks to iOS 7

The Flipside iPhone game controller was a Kickstarter project that began last year with an ambitious goal of US$135,000, raising only about $10k of that before getting canceled due to lack of interest. Things have changed since the project was shut down in January, however. Apple has announced iOS...

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Robotic iPad stand KUBI shipping in July (and you can get a discount!)

One of the more interesting Indiegogo projects our sister site Engadget covered earlier this year at CES 2013 was the KUBI robotic iPad stand from Revolve Robotics (US$289 MSRP). While we were saddened to find out that by robotic, the company didn't mean that it's following you around on an air...

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Brother, can you spare a charge? ChargeBite goes indiegogo

We've all been there. Out, carousing, maybe having too good a time, when suddenly it hits. Not in our wallet, no ... where it really counts. Our iPhone is wasted as we are. Its battery icon flickers with a hint of the red in our bloodshot eyes. Surely no white night can end well with a phone...

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Breathometer: A would-be breathalyzer accessory for iPhone

Breathometer wants to be the first breathalyzer that works in tandem with your iPhone, making it easy and convenient to breathalyze yourself, or a friend, to see if your blood-alcohol level is above the legal driving limit. With a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, Breathometer has been...

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Tethercell wants to re-imagine batteries

Tethercell's "re-imagining" of your run-of-the-mill AA battery, is more of a remote-controlled battery and is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo. Of course, we wouldn't write it up if there wasn't an app, and with the app there's actually quite a lot of cool stuff you can do with the...

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ReadyCase Indiegogo project ready for takeoff ... just not on airplanes

One of the more innovative crowd-funded projects that has popped up lately over at Indiegogo is ReadyCase. This very slim iPhone case for the iPhone 4/4S/5 isn't just a phone case -- it also features a headphone clip to keep your EarPods and cables tidily stashed away, a built-in USB drive that...

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