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Managing 12,000 iPads: SAP CIO shares lessons learned

SAP's CIO Oliver Bussmann has a singularly interesting point of view on using the iPads in a business environment: He oversaw the implementation of iPads at SAP, which was an early adopter of using Apple's tablet in a full-scale company. He recently talked with the folks at InfoWorld, and says ...

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MacTech offers free Mobile Device Management Primer

First, it was a few people who wanted to get work email on their personal iPhones so they could keep up with the office even if they weren't there. Then it was a couple of high level people who decided they'd get iPhones as their official company phone. Now you have stacks of them all over the pl...

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Deutsche Bank says IT warms to iPhone

Deutsche Bank analyst Chris Whitmore says corporate IT is warming up to the iPhone. In a research note published yesterday das analyst says, "There is growing evidence that the iPhone is making inroads into the Enterprise." Whitmore thinks Apple will sell 2 million iPhones to big business by the ...

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IT Pros, System Administrators, Webmasters: what's on your iPhone?

Brian Stucki over at Macminicolo has compiled a list of seven iPhone applications he uses regularly as an IT guy. It's a great start to putting together your own server-wrangling kit on your iPhone. Brian includes Network Ping Lite (Free [iTunes]), Web Tools ($1.99USD [iTunes]), and iSSH ($4.99 [iTu...

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