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Psystar bizarrely claims Apple doesn't own copyright for Mac OS X

In what might be the most outlandish claim yet to surface in the case, Psystar now claims that Apple never registered Mac OS X with the U.S. Copyright Office, rendering its copyright invalid, according to InformationWeek. Note that registration isn't a condition of protection, but it is a condition ...

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InformationWeek sums up Mac buying for newcomers

Mitch Wagner bought his first Mac in February of this year, and the 8-month gestation period has given InformationWeek's Mac blogger plenty of experience with his new platform of choice (and don't forget what "experience" really is); he's now realized that he can share this hard-won wisdom with oth...

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Information Week's iPhone Questions

Alexander Wolfe of Information Week has posted his list of the top 7 questions Steve Jobs doesn't want you to ask about the iPhone . For example, Wolfe wants to know "Will the battery crap out after 18 months?" The iPod isn't known for either its long-lived batteries or it's user-empowering battery ...

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John Welch's 22 underappreciated Mac apps

Like They Might Be Giants, the Mac blogosphere has two big Johns: Gruber and Welch. While both are highly informative/informed and entertaining writers, there are some key differences. Welch's blog has to be described as Not Safe For Work. Still, he cleans up right nice. His recent Top 22 Mac Produc...

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Mac Pro: the best Windows workstation available

If I weren't completely bedeviled with Apple's portables (I use both a MacBook and a MacBook Pro) I would a Mac Pro user. Richard Hoffman, writing for InformationWeek, has had his hands on a Mac Pro for 2 weeks and has one word to describe it: 'Wow.' That's good. He goes on to say that this machine ...

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Steve Jobs is in fine health

Hot on the heels of the WWDC '06 Stevenote the Macweb was in a tizzy. Didn't Steve look a little sickly on stage? Why did he include so many other Apple execs in the keynote? Could this mean that Steve is in ill health? Katie Cotton, Apple's VP of worldwide corporate communications (she never calls,...

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