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Infrared images show new iPad screen running warm

Remember when we said there were reports that the new iPad was running hot? Thanks to the folks at Tweakers.net, we now have some quantitative measurements to support these observations. The Dutch website ran a GLBenchmark test on the new iPad and the iPad 2 and compared the infrared profiles...

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Apple's infrared 'camera kill switch' patent application hits a nerve

Picture this: You're out for a stroll on the streets of Vancouver when suddenly you find yourself caught up in a depressed mob of hockey fans. Riot police are striking a young man with their batons near a squad car. You pull out your iPhone to capture a video of this seeming abuse of force -- only...

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Apptwee Ri universal remote for iOS is inexpensive and tiny

With the success of all handheld iOS devices -- iPhone, iPod touch and iPad -- it's not surprising that manufacturers want to turn them into universal remote controls. Some manufacturers are going the more expensive route, like Peel with their $99 remote that features a pear-shaped transmitter th...

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Peel works as universal remote and TV service on your iPhone

I sure thought we'd covered Peel here before, but I guess not (maybe I was thinking of that iPod touch add-on -- the "Apple" name certainly invites lots of fruit imagery). Either way, it's worth mentioning that the interesting Peel TV solution for the iPhone is now available for purchase. For U...

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UnityRemote brings a universal, customizable remote to iOS devices

Ever since Apple killed the Griffin IR remote on the original iPod I've been wanting to consolidate my iPod with a home theater remote. The iPhone seems perfect for this; with an infinitely variable canvas available, you could theoretically do anything with your remote. The trouble is getting an IR...

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Candelair IR driver addresses Apple remote issues in Snow Leopard

As we wait on the threshold of 10.6.3, there are still some hiccups and interesting issues in Snow Leopard that might make your life a bit more difficult (as Aron mentioned recently). In particular, getting your Apple Remote to behave properly with all the apps that it's supposed to control may be a...

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iPhone as TV remote coming to CES

It's kind of a shame the iPhone didn't include an IR port at all. While it's not a necessity (certainly the device has sold plenty of units without one), I have quite a few devices in my house that still require an old school IR remote to control -- it's 2010, but my TV still isn't hooked up to Blu...

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DIY iSight night vision camera

Now that most all Apple computers come with their own built-in iSight, the standalone iSight has taken a bit of a back seat. It always was a gorgeous piece of Apple art, though, and I really wanted to use it in a functional way. An easy way was to attach it to the Mac mini I have in the baby's room,...

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Mac 101: Pairing/Unpairing Apple remotes

If you're like me, then you have multiple Macs with IR sensors in the same room. What happens when you push the menu button on your Apple remote? Chances are it will launch Front Row on every Mac in the room. I had this problem until I discovered Apple remote pairing. To pair your remote with a spe...

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TUAW Tip: Turn off your remote control infrared receiver

The Apple Remote is a slick little gadget, but Apple made a particular design choice that annoys the bejebus out of me: out of the box, every Mac is set up to work with any Apple Remote. If you have a couple of sleeping MacBooks in your living room like we do when you pick up a remote to watch so...

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Found Footage: Use iSight as an IR detector

Here's a useful tip for those that want to test the batteries of their Frontrow remote, or any IR remote for that matter. Use your iSight! Just fire up Photo Booth (or a test video window in iChat), aim the remote at the lens and press a button. The iSight can detect the infrared light just like o...

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