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Apple says Google warned Samsung about copying Apple's work

The big trial between Apple and Samsung is slated to begin next week in the US and the two companies are filing briefs in advance to prepare for the jury part of the trial. One juicy tidbit pulled out of Apple's brief by AllThingsD reveals that Samsung was warned by Google and others that its e...

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Apple awarded delay on posting about Samsung tablet

Apple successfully argued in a London court that the requirement to post a message on its UK website that says Samsung did not copy the iPad will cause the Cupertino company "irreparable and disproportionate harm." According to a report in Bloomberg, Judge David Kitchin agreed with Apple and sa...

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Samsung credits itself for iPhone success in a roundabout way

Apple and Samsung will duke it out next week in a California court, and each side has submitted a brief to the court in preparation for this important jury trial, according to the Wall Street Journal. Besides arguing that it did not copy Apple's design, Samsung also used its brief to explain ho...

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Apple seeking $2.5 billion from Samsung

Apple filed a brief in its infringement case against Samsung and argued the Korean company should pay Apple a combined total of $2.525 billion, according to FOSS Patents. The amount includes $25 million in royalty damages and another $2.5 billion, which includes the amount Samsung has unjustly ...

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Kodak/Apple patent dispute ends badly for Kodak

Struggling US photography pioneer Kodak was dealt a major blow when the International Trade Commission ruled that its color image preview patent, No. 6,292,218, was invalid, according to the Wall Street Journal. Kodak hoped to extract money from companies that were not licensing the patent and ...

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UK judge to make Apple acknowledge Samsung didn't copy Apple

In an unusual ruling, British Judge Colin Birss is forcing Apple to announce publicly that Samsung did not copy Apple with its Galaxy Tab tablet, says a report in Bloomberg. The notice must highlight the July 9 decision that found Samsung did not infringe on the iPad. The company has to post th...

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Image of an early iPad prototype surfaces

While digging through pages of legal documents in the design lawsuit between Apple and Samsung, Yoni Heisler of Network World made a surprising discovery. Buried in the back and forth bantering of the legal team were several images of a prototype iPad that was created in the early 2000s. Duri...

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UK judge: Galaxy Tab "not as cool" as iPad

Samsung was handed a win in its ongoing battle with Apple over the Galaxy Tab 10.1, according to a report in Bloomberg. UK judge Colin Birss issued a ruling on Monday that said the Tab 10.1 does not infringe on Apple's design. The judge said customers are not likely to confuse the two devices b...

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Apple, Samsung drop more claims in upcoming trial

The trial between Apple and Samsung in the US District Court in California is slated to begin at the end of July, and both companies are making final preparations for the case. Part of this process requires each company to pare down the number of claims it is asserting in the case, reports FOSS...

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Judge permits Kodak's patent auction despite Apple's objections

US Bankruptcy Judge Allan Groper said in a Tuesday hearing that struggling Kodak can auction off more than 1,100 patents as part of its bankruptcy restructuring plan, according to a Bloomberg report. The sale will go forward, despite Apple's objection to the auction and its outstanding ownershi...

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Apple injunction against Samsung could give company big problems

Apple won a significant legal victory over Samsung when US District Court Judge Lucy Koh granted the Cupertino company an injunction that would ban the sale of the Galaxy Nexus in the US. Besides the Galaxy Nexus and the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Apple may seek an injunction against the upcoming Galaxy ...

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Court backs Apple's request to halt sales of Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1

U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh granted Apple an injunction that'll ban the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the US, according to Reuters. Koh previously denied Apple's injunction request, but a federal appeals court asked her to reconsider her decision on the Samsung tablet. In a decision h...

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Apple denied Galaxy S III injunction in the US

US District Judge Lucy Koh denied Apple's request for an injunction that would ban the sales of the new Samsung Galaxy S III, according to a report by Reuters. Koh said Apple's request to block the June 21 launch of the Android handset would "overload her calendar." Instead of pausing to consid...

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FTC urges ITC not to ban iPhone, iPad and Xbox

The Federal Trade Commission took on the growing problem of injunctions in a letter addressed to the US International Trade Commission, according to a report by CNET. The letter was meant to dissuade the federal agency from approving import bans in patent and trademark infringement cases that i...

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Apple files third complaint against HTC

Apple filed a third complaint against HTC with the International Trade Commission, according to a report by Florian Mueller of FOSS Patents. The latest complaint is based on a December 2011 ruling that says HTC infringed on two Apple patents. These "data tapping" patents let users tap on a numb...

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