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Instapaper usage stats show high iOS 4, iPad adoption

Marco Arment, developer of Instapaper, has provided some intriguing usage stats for his bestselling app. While the numbers aren't representative of the entire iOS ecosystem, the fact that Instapaper is a popular paid app (almost always in the top 5 paid apps in the News category on the App Store) ...

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No Comment: Video game systems vs. non-iPad tablets

Marco Arment posted this graph today, which shows some relative sales numbers of what he calls "obscure game consoles" (which presumably just means those outside the Microsoft/Sony/Sega/Nintendo dominion) right up against tablets which aren't the iPad. It's true -- the numbers do kind of put ...

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Mac OS X Lion feature 'Reading List' to compete with Instapaper and ReadItLater

MacRumors has discovered a new Safari feature that will compete with Instapaper and ReadItLater in the latest Mac OS X Lion Developer build. The feature, called Reading List, allows users to save web pages for later reading. It's represented in the toolbar by the eyeglasses icon to the right. Curr...

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Instapaper's free version goes on extended hiatus, dev explains why

Marco Arment has an interesting writeup on his blog about his iOS app Instapaper (and, of course, the web service that runs behind it). Arment says on his blog that he's quietly been removing the free version of the app from the App Store, and that's resulted in a surprising effect: sales of th...

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Instapaper updated to 3.0, now includes social features

Instapaper, the iOS app that lets you save online articles for later offline reading, has just hit version 3.0. Already an app featured on many "must have" lists for both the iPhone and iPad, Instapaper has gained a mountain of new features in its latest update. The app and Instapaper website now...

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Instapaper launches API with innovative business model

Popular iOS app and webservice Instapaper by formerly-of-tumblr Marco Arment today announced a new API offering access to content users have added to their Instapaper account. Instapaper (previous TUAW coverage) is a read-it-later type service born, as so many great apps are, of personal need. Arme...

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The best Mac and iOS apps I used in 2010

Following up on my article about the best Mac apps I used in 2010, here are some of the best hybrid "Mac and iOS apps" I used in 2010. This wasn't an attempt to come up with a specific number, just the results of some careful reflection. You may wonder why some apps appear on this list instead of th...

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Instapaper 2.3 adds many new features

As if Instapaper wasn't useful enough, version 2.3 for iPhone and iPad was released late last night and brings with it a long list of stellar features. Instapaper is the web service and iOS app that lets you save articles for later reading quickly and easily. My favorite new feature is OmniFocus sup...

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The Reader feature in Safari 5 can change your whole web experience

I'm surprised Apple didn't hype the Reader feature in Safari 5 a bit more. It's almost a stealth function, and you might not even notice it is there. My colleague Dave Caolo touched on it in his Safari 5 overview, and I want to make sure everyone tries it. (If you're a fan of the Readability bookmar...

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When Seesmic met Evernote

Evernote has announced Seesmic integration over on its blog -- often while reading Twitter on my iPhone, I'll see people tweeting links to videos or long pages that I just don't have the time to check out over my EDGE connection. In the past, I've favorited the tweets, but that's not an ideal solut...

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First Look: Twitter for iPhone

It took a little longer than expected, but Twitter for iPhone (née Tweetie) is now available. Mostly it looks exactly the same as Tweetie 2, with the exception of a new icon (shown here). I was surprised to see that Twitter for iPhone doesn't use OAuth, meaning that we'll be seeing another...

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How to use the updated Instapaper Pro with Tweetie 2

Instapaper Pro has been updated to version 2.2. Its creator, Marco Arment, wrote about some of the process behind adding a new feature called "Return to Position." If you enjoy hearing developers sweat the details, it's a great read. There's also a full changelog for those who want more details on ...

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Gameloft backs iPhone and backs away from Android

To iPhone or not to iPhone? That is the question on which a number of high-profile app developers are weighing-in. A couple of weeks ago it was Facebook app developer Joe Hewitt and software maker Rogue Amoeba saying they'd had enough of jumping through hoops to be on the iPhone and that they'd be w...

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Save URLs for later with Quiet Read

Bambooapps has released a simple and useful utility called Quiet Read that has earned a spot on my Mac's menubar. With a simple drag-and-drop, it lets you save a web page for later review. Of course, there are many apps that do this, including Instapaper and Evernote. Instapaper gets the job done...

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How to sell an iPhone app for $9.99

Marco over on the Instapaper blog (which, of course, is the blog of the app Instapaper), posted a really interesting commentary recently on a subject we've been following since the beginning: App Store pricing. As we've said before, it's a strange thing -- developers want higher prices so that they ...

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