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Fake Apple billing email is circulating

Not surprisingly, scammers are targeting Apple customers with a fake phishing email asking them to update their account billing information. People who are new to Apple and probably received their first Mac or iOS device during the holiday season are particularly vulnerable to this scam. This g...

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Two new Mac malware concerns: Tsunami and DevilRobber

As reported yesterday by Computerworld, there are two malware threats for OS X to concern yourself with (temporarily). The first, Tsunami, isn't much of a threat yet. The other, DevilRobber, may be slowing your Mac down as we speak. Here's more info on each of them. Tsunami Basically a port...

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Intego: Adobe CS4 crack app has variant of iServices trojan

The folks over at Intego let the world know about a new trojan making the rounds along with copies of an application designed to crack Adobe Creative Suite 4. They consider the risk "serious." If you don't download software using peer-to-peer tools like BitTorrent, then you're perfectly safe. You ca...

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New variant of RSPlug trojan making the rounds

Our friends at Intego sent out an alert this morning, warning users about a new variant of the RSPlug trojan horse, found on several adult websites. The risk to users is classified as "medium." RSPlug trojans, themselves a form of DNSChanger, change local DNS settings to redirect to phishing sites...

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'MacGuard' double-plus ungood, avoid

The fine folks at Intego sent out a warning this morning about MacGuard, a bogus piece of software that claims to clean up your system and remove adware, spyware, and trojans. It doesn't. According to the warning, MacGuard is simply a clone of a Windows app called WiniGuard. The company releasing t...

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Watch out for PokerGame trojan

In the wake of the ARDAgent vulnerability discovered yesterday, we all have something new to look out for: OSX.Trojan.PokerStealer is the official name of a trojan horse masquerading as a poker game. The trojan is distributed in a 65K .zip archive. According to security company Intego, running the ...

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