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Chrysler announces iPod integration

Earlier this week at the 2006 Detroit Auto Show, The Chrysler Group announced that iPod integration will be made available in several of their vehicles in 2006. The optional $175US kit will be availabe for most Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler models (more than 3 million vehicles in total) later this year...

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MacWindows.com - OS X and Windows integration resource

As we Mac fans and users must concede, we do still live in a Windows world. For those of who also work in a Windows world (including banging your heads against a wall), I've found a site that could help Windows and OS X shake hands and (dare I say it) work together better: MacWindows.com. Need to le...

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iPods and Macs taking over cars

Woops, I take my "Macs aren't going anywhere" post back, as they're certainly going one place in a big way lately: cars. I  have a double dose of iPod/Mac in-car news coming at you from our sibling site, Autoblog. First up: they caught wind of a projection from the Telematics Research...

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6 ways to stick your iPod in your car

Over the weekend, our sibling blog, Autoblog posted about a cool article from Technoride (part of PC Mag) covering six ways to pair your iPod with your car. FM Transmitters are nice, but you can also go the cassette adapter route, or even use a line in, if you have the proper connection in your car....

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